My name is Kurono and I am a buyer at J.PRESS&SON'S AOYAMA .

We will introduce the 1st anniversary commemorative items in series.

The third and final product we have created is a collaboration item with IMPRESTORE.

This time, we will first introduce the brand.

The brand name <IMPRESTORE> is a coined word that combines < improve = evolve> and < restore = repair>.

A fusion of good old American vintage and modern silhouettes.
This is a brand that proposes semi-standard items that are nostalgic yet new, ordinary but not ordinary. Designer Mr. Ichikawa is a man who loves second-hand clothes and American casuals. For many years, he has been in charge of apparel planning and production in his hometown of Nagoya.

Established her own fashion brand “ IMPRESTOREin 2019 .

This collaboration project started after one of our staff members purchased it at an IMPRESTORE pop-up and became interested in it.

First of all, the 1st anniversary commemorative items are sweatshirts and hoodies.

Therefore, we asked IMPRESTORE to do three selfish things.

The first is to include the J.PRESS logo on the entire surface. Since the name IMPRE sounds similar to J.PRESS , we custom-ordered the logos `` J.PRESS '' on the front and `` IMPRE '' on the back. By the way, this logo was created by hand by designer Ichikawa. Hand's commitment is also reflected in the products.

The second is color development. In fact, IMPRESTORE 's sweatshirts are characterized by a color scheme inspired by vintage. However, when I saw this sweatshirt for the first time, I wanted a classic sweatshirt for a supporting role that is not the main character, so I ordered a basic off-color, gray, and navy sweatshirt. I wanted to make a sweatshirt that I would want to wear every day.

The third suggestion is to change the piece dyeing to yarn dyeing. ( Laughs ) I made an unreasonable request to see if it could be made closer to the heather gray texture. ( LOL ) Although it was a small batch and made in a factory, we were able to create a luxurious sweatshirt with a nice texture.

(Who could have predicted at that time that this proposal would become IMPRESTORE 's standard material once the product was completed?)

That's exactly what it means to improve .

I would be very happy if these three selfishness could gain some sympathy from everyone.

Please try it.

Crewneck Sweat-Shirt WHITE / GRAY / NAVY ¥14,800.-(+tax)
Hooded Sweat-Shirt GRAY / NAVY ¥16,800.-(+tax)



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