Eguchi Clothes Store and Eguchi Clock Store in Kichijoji is a place where many people visit in search of vintage watches that can only be found here. As for apparel, there are vintage European brands such as maison brands, Hermes, Chanel, and Burberry. The tranquil store was lined with ``real'' watches and clothes that you wouldn't find in a normal second-hand clothing store. Here, the store manager, Daisuke Eguchi, will show you how to wear the J.Press set-up.

Eguchi Clothing Store/Eguchi Watch Store has been in business for about three years, and the reason they started the store in the first place was, ``I like vintage watches, but I didn't know where to buy them, and I was worried about after-sales maintenance.'' That was the trigger. "I started thinking that it would be nice to be able to offer watches that are connected to fashion for people who also like vintage watches. Especially Cartier watches." There are many vintage Cartier watches in the showcase, and there is a workshop in the back of the store where they also carry out repairs.

Mr. Eguchi has had a long relationship with J. Press, saying, ``My father always wears American traditional clothing such as J. Press, so I've been wearing it since I was little.'' The style of wearing it over a T-shirt is both casual and elegant. "The moderate size of today's setup is stylish. It seems to match the modern sensibilities."

Mr. Eguchi's sense of fashion is rooted in biker fashion, or American casual standards. Mr. Eguchi's style of clothing stands out precisely because he sees Ametra as an extension of that. ``I still like classic clothes such as navy blue jackets, and I often wear jackets when I have the chance.'' There may be a mutual attitude between the shop and J.Press clothing, which has items for men who want to wear really good clothes and watches.

Any people go to the Eguchi clothing store and Eguchi watch store in Kichijoji in search of vintage watches that can only be found at this store. Apparel on display here are European vintage, such as the Maison brand, Hermes, Chanel and Burberry. Inside this peaceful store there was a lineup of "real" watches and clothes that cannot be seen in the usual vintage clothing stores. We had the store manager Daisuke Eguchi make a dressed up display for J.PRESS. Eguchi clothing store and Eguchi watch store have been established for about 3 years, and the original reason behind why the store was set up in the first place is "I like vintage watches, but I did not know where to buy them and felt anxious about the aftersales service. So I started to think that I would be able to suggest watches in a form associated with fashion for people who like vintage watches as well. Especially watches like Cartier watches." There are many Cartier vintage watches displayed in the showcase, and at the back of the shop there is a workshop, so they are doing repairs there. There has been a long relationship between Mr. Eguchi and J.PRESS. "My father was always wearing American Trad, such as J. PRESS, and he dressed me like that as well since I was small", he said. Putting something quickly over the top of a T-shirt produces an elegant feel to a casual style. "Right now, the feeling of having something just the right size is relaxing and I feel that this matches the feeling of the modern era." The roots of Mr. Eguchi's fashion sense lie in biker fashion, that is, the standard look of American Casual. Mr. Eguchi's style of dressing is an extension of that and by capturing the feel of American Trad as well , his style is outstanding. "I still like classic clothes such as navy blue blazers even now, and whenever I have the opportunity I often wear a jacket as well." The viewpoint of stores that offer items for gentlemen who want to wear really good clothes and watches, and that of J.PRESS clothing may be along the same lines and communicate well.

Eguchi Clothing Store/Eguchi Watch Store 1-34-11 Honbashi Building 1F, Kichijoji Honmachi, Musashino City, Tokyo