The super madras used for the outer material has a vintage pattern, and is finished with a supple touch by using Indian madras thread in a special shape. Monogram chambray lining. This is an ivy jacket designed in a standard shape with a box silhouette.

The pattern design of the super madras fabric--used for the front fabric--is inspired by a vintage piece. The fabric is sewn from the special thread found in the city of India, Chennai, to achieve the smooth texture. The lining is a monogram chambray. It is a boxy fit conventional Ivy jacket. PATCHWORK MADRAS SS PO BD SHIRTS

Brightly colored BD shirts make a big impact when worn around town. The patchwork is in muted colors, so the styling won't be too rough, giving you a casual look. The highlight is the chest pocket with a flap. A piece that is sure to be useful as a spring/summer top.

This motley BD shirt is an eye-catching piece to wear out in the city. The settle colored textile compliments the casual outfit without getting too rough. The chest pocket with the flap is another trait that makes this piece unique. An essential top to own for the spring and summer season. PATCHWORK MADRAS SHORTS

These shorts have a colorful appearance by using Super Madras patchwork fabric. It has a slightly loose silhouette with a drawcord at the waist, allowing you to relax and wear it. It seems to be useful not only in the city, but also in resort scenes such as the beach.

A colorful shorts made from super madras quilt. It is a relaxing piece with the drawstring attached around the loose fit waist. Perfect item to wear in the city and at a beach resort. PATCHWORK MADRAS REVERSIBLE HAT

Although it is a basic bucket hat, it is reversible and can be used for a variety of outfits. The lining is monogrammed chambray, giving it a completely different impression from the outer material. For example, you can wear it on the front for knitwear or on the back for jackets, depending on your style.

It is a basic fit reversible bucket hat that can be coordinated into any outfits. The lining is a contrasting monogram chambray. You can change sides in accordance with your outfit--For instance, you can wear it on the A-side with a knit sweater, and B-side for a jacket style. PATCHWORK MADRAS CAP

This 6-panel cap is made of patchwork fabric made from Super Madras, and is perfect for casual styling as well as for traditional outfits. This cap is recommended for active situations such as outdoors and resorts.

This six-panel cap--composed from super madras textile--can be incorporated into a casual style outfit, but also into a formal outfit for a little twist. It can be worn for outdoor events, at resorts and other various scenes. PATCHWORK MADRAS TIE

The distinctive feature is the tip of the sword, which is reminiscent of American-made ties from the 1950s and 1960s. It is machine sewn with three rolls, making it a rare item these days. This piece is made of Super Madras patchwork fabric and has a playful adult design, so if you incorporate it into your outfit, it will create a casual impression.

A pointed end tie with the characteristic and similar design to the ones seen in the 50's and 60's America. The end has a rolled hem finishing, which is scarcely seen in the modern days. It is a playful piece made from super madras textile. A perfect piece to wear for a casual style outfit.