< CRST > Season 2 is British subculture
Projecting the identity of " Casuals"

CRST Season 2 features a collection that reconstructs the postmodern dress code by linking dress clothes and sportswear without intermediaries. Balmachan coats with checked collars, swing tops, double-breasted blazers and trousers are proposed in loose silhouettes. We seek not a new standard, but a new norm (NORM), "NEW NORM." In addition, we would like you to pay attention to products that reflect the identity of "casuals", a British subculture. "Casuals" developed from Liverpool football fans in the 1970s, and is a youth culture that originated in football stadiums, distancing itself from other music-based cultures that flourished in England. Since its inception, young football fans have continued to spread sportswear on the streets of England, and as the times progressed from the 1970s to the 1990s, it became popular among "casuals" and was influenced by young people of the same generation in Italy. A brand was born, and coordination with long-established British brands and tennis wear became standard. Furthermore, with the addition of the sneaker boom, which has spread across the UK, wearing a certain brand of tennis shoes or running shoes has become a status quo for casuals. Drawing on the essence and flow of that culture, this season we have collaborated with Ellesse, an Italian sports brand with tennis roots. CRST has refined the iconic "Wind Ups" created by Ellesse in the 1980s while following the nostalgic and colorful 90s Italian design. We would like you to come and experience the possibilities and appeal of evolving uniforms.

Project the identity of “CASUALS”, UK subculture in SEASON 2.

In SEASON 2, we launch a collection which restructure the post-modern dress code combining dress clothes and sportswear without no medium.
Balmacaan coat with plaid pattern at backside of collar, drizzler jacket, double-breasted blazer and trousers are introduced with a loose silhouette.
Search for the “NEW NORM”, not the new standard.
In addition, we would like you to focus on the products which project the “CASUALS” identity, one of the UK subculture.
“CASUALS” had been evolved through the football fan of Liverpool in the 70's and is youth culture originated in football stadium different from another cultures based on the prosperous music in UK.
Since its birth, the young football fans spread the sportswear on the UK street. They were influenced by Italian young people around the same age with the passage of ages from 70's to 90's and produced popular brands in the “CASUALS”. Among it, a coordination with traditional UK brands and tennis-wears became a standard.
Furthermore, it's been spread to throughout the UK with sneaker boom joined, and wearing some brands' tennis shoes and running shoes would be a status for the “CASUALS”.
For this season, collaboration with <ellesse>, Italian sports brand to have roots in tennis comes true.
<CRST> refines their iconic windbreaker born in 80's while following nostalgic and colorful 90's Italian design.
We would like everyone to touch and feel the possibility and attraction of evolving uniform.