This time, we will be introducing the third collaboration product with IMPRESTORE. 

It's already familiar, isn't it? 

I'm very happy that the number of fans who are looking forward to this is increasing. 

Without further ado, this time we have planned a ``reversible T-shirt''.

A reversible T-shirt that I've been wanting to wear for this summer. 

I sometimes see them at second-hand clothing stores, but there aren't many designs that look cool on both sides, and for some reason they tend to be small in the vintage market, and they're hard to find. 

Furthermore, from the perspective of making clothes, the effort and cost of making two T-shirts increases. 

``Well, why not make two pieces?'' I thought to myself and came up with this project. (lol) 

This project started with a strong desire to do it no matter what, but it was also a long road to completion. 

First, let's start with the material . 

I wanted to make a reversible T-shirt using a material that has a very American, fleshy feel that shop buyer Kurono and Mr. IMPRESTORE Ichikawa like. 

So, I tried making one using standard materials from IMPRESTORE, but since the two layers of fabric overlapped, it ended up being quite thick as I had imagined. 

``It's not very good, but it won't dry even if I wash it.'' So I failed. 

From there, I searched for the right material through trial and error, and found one that was thin and of good quality.It had a nice surface, but was somehow soft and different. 

Therefore, Mr. Ichikawa's idea was to apply a special process to make it a little harder, and by doing so, he was able to create the ideal material with a slightly crunchy feel. 

As a result, we were able to create a material that has the same amount of meat as Mr. Ichikawa's Champion, but is a little harder and has a crunchy feel that gives us an American feel. 


Next is the silhouette . 

As for the silhouettes, as I mentioned earlier, many of the vintage designs were small, and the thick fabrics that touched my body often made me feel stressed. 

Therefore, we created a silhouette that slightly extends the width of the body and shoulders, making it comfortable to wear. 

Last but not least is the detail . 

First of all, please pay attention to the printed part. 

It says "J Basketball". 

In other words, it's a fictional basketball team. (lol) 

This motif incorporates the image of a university cheerleading club, which is a vintage material from the past. 

Since it was a women's sweatshirt, the logo was small and the design, which used the college logo and cursive, felt fresh. 

This kind of atmosphere and balance is also adopted in this reversible T-shirt. 

The history of the reversible T-shirt dates back to 1939, when the U.S. Military Academy asked a clothing manufacturer to create a T-shirt that could be used on both sides to separate teams during the Red and White Battle. 

If you wear it on the outside, it will look like a red group, and if you wear it on the back, it will look like a white group, and the design is inspired by an athletic scene. 

We were very particular about the printing method, and Mr. Ichikawa made many trial prints of the vintage finish, which had a slight rubber feel, until he was satisfied with the finish. 

The colors are obviously inspired by the NBA. 

The yellow color inspired by the Lakers is said to be Showtime Gold. 

The Bulls' red is called road red because it is worn on the road. 

The last color is a green inspired by the Celtics, a team that has produced many star players. 

Shop Buyer Kurono's commitment is evident here as well. (lol) 

In terms of specifications, the Ringer T-shirt is double-stitched to make it look nice, and when the sleeves are folded back, you can see the IMPRESTORE embroidered logo...The best part is that it has a hidden pocket on the left side. is. 

Mr. Ichikawa didn't like the brand name hanging out, so he kept everything in his pocket. 

I talked a little too much. 

In addition to the 3 colors of reversible T-shirts, we also plan to start selling 3 colors of multi-border T-shirts in collaboration with IMPRESTORE. 

This is getting long, so I'll introduce it on Instagram live tomorrow (4/29). 

In addition, to commemorate the release, we will be holding a try-on order event for IMPRESTORE's original products from May 1st (Saturday) to May 10th (Sunday). 

We also have luxurious novelties available, so please stop by. 

*Release date: April 30th (Friday)

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