Introducing “RELAX-FIT PAJAMAS SET UP”, the third collaboration with IMPRESTORE.

This time, J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA would like to propose ``setup wear that is so relaxing that you can sleep in it.''

J.PRESS buyer Kurono and IMPRESTORE 's Ichikawa came up with ideas for traditional and vintage elements, and created a completely new setup using denim and hickory, combining the relaxed feel that people want to wear now.

First, let's talk about colors and materials.

First is the original 6.5oz denim material developed by Mr. Ichikawa.

This one comes in two colors, the dark rigid one is one wash, and the light blue one is chlorine bleached.

The area around the seams is also exquisitely vintage, and by using old-fashioned looms and recycled cotton, we recreated the look of a denim shirt from the 70s .

Another option is hickory, which is made of 6 oz hickory sweet knit and has a nice texture.

Color NEP gives it a different look from rigid and light blue.

Next is the design.

The jacket is based on Kurono's favorite 1950 's British vintage work jacket made by HARPOON .

The relaxed body width, sleeve width, and slightly long sleeve length, which were rare at the time, had an indescribable and exquisite sense of balance that remained in my mind, so I used this as a reference.

The size is large, but the tailored collar means it's not too loose, giving it just the right amount of British flair.

In addition, we have adopted change buttons that were often used in military and workwear until 1930.

The back of the collar has " J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA " embroidered in an accent color, so it is recommended to wear it with the collar up.

The pants adopt the sweat design developed by IMPRESTORE .

It seems that they made it with the motif of sweatpants from the 80's and filled it with details that ``would be great if it had these kinds of details.''

The inseam gusset, no hooks, and only internal seams are based on the specifications of VINTAGE sweatpants, but for practicality, a total of 4 pockets have been added, including side cut pockets and hip pockets. By doing so, we updated it in a modern style.

The silhouette is large, and the size other than the inseam, waist, and hem opening is two sizes larger than usual.

There is a spindle in the hem opening that allows it to be tightened.

In addition, the spindle string also uses a color that serves as an accent.

You can wear it without tightening the hem, or you may be in the mood to tighten the hem and tuck it in with socks.

I also love that you can use it depending on your style and mood.

Originally, IMPRESTORE has been developing items that incorporate this light ounce material into G-jeans, but by making it a shirt fabric set-up, it has a somewhat retro and nostalgic vintage feel while creating a relaxed look. I think I was able to express the silhouette well.

There is no doubt that it will be useful not only as a set, but also as a single item with the jacket and pants.

Please try it in store.



*Release date: 3/12 (Friday)


*In addition to the online store, you can also order by calling the J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA store or by sending an INSTAGRAM DM.

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