This time, we asked COOHEM, the factory brand of Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd. in Yamagata Prefecture, to collaborate on a navy blazer.

It all started when shop buyer Kurono saw a blazer sample at a COOHEM exhibition.

Kurono actually visited Yonetomi Seni in Yamagata Prefecture and learned about how and where blazers are made, as well as speaking with Mr. Oe, who is also the president of Yonetomi Seni and director of COOHEM. I was able to ask.

This time, I would like to divide the blog into four parts and introduce them in detail.

First of all, here is a scene where knitted fabric is produced from a single thread.

In order to avoid waste during cutting, we create 9 parts of knitted fabric to match parts such as the body, collar, and sleeves.

It takes 360 minutes to complete the knitted fabric for one garment.

The way it is made is also unique, as two types of solid polyester threads of different thickness are knitted together like a hopsack.

What surprised me was that a high-pressure press was applied to the finished product to make it look like real fabric.

Originally, high-pressure pressing was a process for attaching fabric and interlining, but we devised a new method that takes advantage of polyester's thermoplastic properties.

In this way, a one-of-a-kind material with elasticity and expressions that can only be expressed with knits was born.

No matter how much time passes, I feel that humans are the ones who operate machines.

Next, we will introduce the site where the finished knitted fabric is cut and sewn.

Once again, I would like to preface this by saying that this is a knitting factory, not a sewing factory.

There is no automatic cutting machine, and each part is cut by hand.

I saw him go through the training of a craftsman quickly during training at a vocational school and asked him to do it. It was refreshing to see it after a long time.

The sewing work is also carried out by a small number of experienced veterans.

Making a tailored jacket from knit is no easy task.

I can see why Yonetomi Seni continues to evolve, and it seems like it will continue to evolve.

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