An exclusive collaboration product between J.PRESS and KENNETH FIELD has been completed. <J.PRESS> was born in New Haven, USA in 1902, and with the essence of ``clothing that is comfortable for the wearer'', it has established a position in traditional style over the centuries, and is a pioneer who created the ivy look. It's also a brand.

KENNETH FIELD, founded in 2012 by designer Kenichi Kusano, has the concept of "For NEW TRADITIONALIST" and uses American traditional from the 1980s as its base, while also drawing on cultures from around the world and topics from each era as design sources. Developed a collection of

These two men will propose a new mixed style that respects tradition while matching modern trends.

As the first product, we produced a navy blazer with original lining, and the details of the unlined design to cope with the hot and humid climate, and the gold buttons specially created for this occasion, are practical and luxurious that can be used for many years. I am.

The Gurka trousers are made of a blend of J.PRESS's original merino wool, a tropical material, and T/C poplin.The spring/summer material cleverly expresses the backbone of both brands, and is a must-have item in your wardrobe. Recommended as setup coordination.

The striped shirt, available in two colors, blue and yellow, is a versatile item that perfectly combines KENNETH FIELD's classic cleric style with the J.PRESS shirt's iconic detail, the flap pocket, making it a highly versatile piece that can be worn on both formal and casual sides.

“4face tie” is a combination of stripes and fine patterns from the J.PRESS archive, and a leaf and piece pattern from KENNETH FIELD, with a navy base. Please take a look at our versatile collection that can be used not only for business occasions but also as an accent for casual outfits.