20FW. For the second collaboration, we have created a collection that uses J.PRESS's standard items as the essence of two keywords: black and British.
We will be releasing blazers made from our original Saxony wool, checkered Gurkha trousers, shaggy knits, cleric shirts, and 4-face ties.

The navy blazer uses wool Saxony, which can be called the face of J.PRESS, and features a deep and elegant black navy material with KF original lining, and gold buttons specially made for this project. I am.
They are manufactured to original specifications, including the fit, while retaining the traditional atmosphere of both brands.

The tweed sports coat is made from British LOVAT herringbone wool. It is manufactured to the original specifications as well as the specifications of KF original lining.

When I thought of the keywords British and black, the black shaggy dog ​​knit came to mind.
A black leather elbow patch is hand-stitched to give the shaggy dog ​​a sharper look than ever before. The shaggy dog ​​I bought at J.PRESS 20 years ago was bright kelly green.
A black shaggy that has been modernized and updated while inheriting the warm texture and universal style.

The material used for the Gurka trousers is MOON's Black Watch pattern and Glen Plads pattern.
It has a straight silhouette with a medium rise that can be coordinated as the bottom of a navy blazer.
The classic West Point twill is a J.PRESS original fabric with a glossy and firm feel.
The check pattern from the British company MOON has a subdued color pattern and soft texture, and matches the British mood of the black-colored tops that we wanted to propose this season. We recommend coordinating with tones such as white sneakers and black boots.

Please take a look at this collection, which is filled with interesting British stories, in store.

Kenichi Kusano

10/14 (Wed) - Pre-sale starts at Isetan Shinjuku Men's Building 7F POP-UP STORE.

KENNETH FIELD Designer Mr. Kusano has also written about his ideas before working on this collection, so be sure to check out the KENNETH FIELD website as well.

10/17 (Sat) - Now available at J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA / ONLINE STORE.