This time, we collaborated with the denim brand "KURO".

First, let's talk about KURO.

Denim brand started in 2010.

The brand name is ``black,'' which is the color of Japanese eyes and hair, and the collection is based on the concept of the delicacy of the Japanese word ``black,'' which is included in words such as black-purple, jet black, black, and kurotobi. It is characterized by modernized designs that incorporate the unique sensibilities and sensibilities of the Japanese people, as well as meticulous manufacturing using the techniques of craftsmen from all over Japan who have inherited history and tradition.

From the development of original fabrics, to the minimalist design that incorporates architectural elements, to the techniques of skilled Japanese craftsmen, each element is condensed and fused to create a dignified design that remains unchanged over time. It creates a sense of tranquility.

How the collaboration came about.

Kurono, a shop buyer, happened to take a look at KURO's products at a joint exhibition, as he personally likes denim.

It was well-made and cool, and she instantly wanted to make a denim blazer.

From there, the discussion progressed, and since it would be a waste to just have a denim blazer, we decided to create a small capsule collection, which led to this collaboration.

Now, let's introduce the products.

This time we have quite a variety of items including jackets, pants, shirts, hoodies, and caps.

Let's start with the denim blazer.

Denim jackets tend to be made with a casual look, but this time we created a jacket by incorporating KURO's image material, denim, into J.PRESS's standard blazer, a tailor-made jacket.

The buttons are tuck buttons used for denim, the stitching is in a color scheme, and the lining is decorated with J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA logo tape.

The fabric itself is very sturdy, but it doesn't have the stiffness or weight that is typical of denim jackets, and the width is a little larger, and the shoulders are slightly dropped, so I think you can wear it more relaxedly.

This is available in 3 colors.

model:171cm size M

Next, we will introduce denim trousers that can be paired with a jacket.

Wide straight trousers with deep rise.

The length is shorter than regular slacks, so even if you don't hem it, it won't look sloppy, and I think it will fit any person.

The base is made at a slacks sewing factory, so not only is it tailored, but the center press is also neatly included.

I often see pants with tucks and this thickness, but untucked denim trousers of this thickness are quite rare.

Isn't it a useful item not only as a set-up, but also as a single item?

model:171cm size M

model:176cm size L(jacket) / L(pants)

Next, I will introduce the track jacket and easy pants.

Both the jacket and pants are made from clear serge and seersucker, two of J.PRESS's standard materials.

Clear Surge is the material used in J.PRESS's blazers, and can be worn for a long time in 3 seasons (excluding winter).

In addition, the unique luster of the fabric pairs well with the ruggedness of the track jacket, including the tuck buttons.

The characteristics of seersucker are, of course, its cool feel and uneven texture.

It's a perfect material for the upcoming season.

model:171cm size M

The pants are short in length and center pressed, just like the denim trousers I introduced earlier, but these easy pants have an elastic waist.

By shortening the length, the center press comes out beautifully and the fall feeling is also expressed well.

model:171cm size M

This is a setup that you will want to wear regardless of whether you are on or off.

model:171cm size M

Next, we will introduce denim shirts and chambray shirts.

While retaining the J.PRESS classic Oxford BD details such as the button on the back of the collar to prevent shrinkage and the flap on the chest pocket, KURO's idea was to curve the placket.

The silhouette is based on J.PRESS's baggy fit BD that I introduced previously, so please wear it with a loose fit.

model:171cm size M

Next, let me introduce you to Parker.

It is made of indigo jersey material woven with thick indigo yarn, and there are only two factories in Japan that can knit it, making it an extremely rare material.

The color matches the shirt, and is an exquisite color that can only be expressed by a denim brand.

The size is quite large, and I think it goes well with pants with a thick silhouette like the ones we have this time.

model:171cm size M

Lastly, we would like to introduce the baseball cap.

We had a triple collaboration with J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA, including POTEN, who has already become a standard.

Each piece is carefully made by craftsmen at a sewing factory that has been making baseball supplies since 1909.

The back of the hat features J.PRESS's signature red piping, incorporating the original material of KURO's classic baseball cap.

J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA embroidery and adjusters made from the same fabric are also highlights.

Please try it in store.



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