Zepanese Club × J.PRESS Special Blazer


The Zepanese Club x J.PRESS special blazer, which was sold exclusively at IMA:ZINE in Osaka, was so popular that it was sold out soon after its release.
We received comments on the product from members of Zepanese Club, with whom we collaborated this time.

Zepanese Club Special Comments
The Zepanese Club and J.PRESS collaboration blazer was exclusively released at IMA:ZINE, a select store located in Osaka, and was a huge hit that sold out immediately only by subscribed orders.
We asked the team members of Zepanese Club for their stories in regards to the item.

ATSUHITO TANI [ Zepanese club Director ]

I think we were able to convey a story by setting the Zepanese club logo on a traditional style. It was a jacket and tie project that I was able to create by carefully matching the answers without adding too much to the silhouette of the 80's double-breasted blazer that I had been paying attention to for some time. We were very happy that people from a wide range of age groups (3 generations, 20s, 40s, and 60s) purchased our products. I think this project, named Street Suit, had a temperature that was just the right amount to live up to the philosophy that Zepanese club wanted to convey and the mindset of the person wearing it.

"The collaborative design of the Zepanese Club logo embroidered on J.
PRESS's traditional style blazer, appreciates both brands. The jacket was
produced attentively with the idea of ​​adding just the right amount of details to the 80's double breasted blazer, and the tie was also carefully designed to
match perfectly with the jacket. We were especially thrilled by the fact that the item was purchased by customers of a wide range of age (from customers in their 20's, 40's to 60's.) This project, "street-suits", was the perfect theme where customers' needs resonated with Zepanese Club's notion."


“Freshness” is what everyone says in unison. The details are classic, but why is it called so? A customer in his early 20s said, ``It's my first time wearing a navy blue jacket.It's an item I've never noticed before, but this project made me interested.'' Customers in their 30s and 40s said, ``Navy blue doesn't suit me, but this JKT looks really nice.'' We heard a variety of opinions from customers in their 50s and 60s, such as, ``The JKTs I used to wear a long time ago now feel fresh again.'' I felt that. J.PRESS's image and traditional production background are the complete opposite of the easy-to-pick-up name "street suit." I believe that the combination of these two factors, the clothes we wear casually and the clothes we wear with care, gave this ZPC x J.PRESS product its freshness.

"Everyone says that the item has a “fresh vibe." It didn't strike me at first as it's a traditional blazer with classic details. A customer in his 20's commented, “it's my first time wearing a navy blazer. I've honestly never been interested in wearing this type of an item, but this specific design got my attention.” Another customer from his 30's to 40's stated, “normally, navy blazers don't look good on me but this jacket is exceptional.” At last, a
customer in his 50's to 60's mentioned, “it evokes the jacket that I used to wear in the old days, but it still feels new.” As the mentioned customer brought up, the sense of “newness” in this conventional jacket comes
from combining the two contrasting elements, as in the name “street-suits”: the street casualness and the genuine craftsmanship. The collaboration of the two brands with different styles--one with a leisure style and the other with a classic style-- generated the fresh new design."

YU YABASHI [ Cradle Owner ]

By incorporating J.PRESS's original traditional image into a double-breasted blazer with an 80's New American silhouette, and adding graphics to it, I think a new sense of value that transcends generations has been born. .

"J.PRESS interpreted the 80's American double breasted blazer into its own style and adorned with the graphic patch, which turned into a valuable piece esteemed by wide range of age groups."

VERDY [Graphic Artist]

The collaboration between J.PRESS, which I had worn at Shichi-Go-San when I was a child, and Zepanese Club, which I am a member of, felt like a strange coincidence, and I approached it with a fresh feeling.

"I feel the fate for collaborating with J.PRESS through Zepanese Club, as I've known the brand since I was little--I wore its suits for the Japanese rite of passage, Shichigosan."

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