REPRODUCTION OF FOUND, Italian Navy Military Deck

Deck shoes are enjoying a resurgence these days.
When I heard deck shoes,
Some people thought,
I don't have much of a connection...
Some people may say so.
This time, I’m sure it will resonate with both of you.

REPRODUCTION OF FOUND / Italian Navy Military Deck


It was this sole that caught the attention of buyers.
As you can see, the sole is thicker and the width is slightly wider than traditional deck shoes.
It has a slightly daddy shape.

To be honest, many SON'S members, including myself, avoided "deck shoes."
The volume of the feet is light and there is no range in styling.
It doesn't go well with wide trousers or thick denim (I love thick pants).
Whatever it is, it's difficult to handle!

That's part of the coolness of deck shoes, and that's what I thought when I first saw these deck shoes. I think you can wear them in a way that is very similar to "leather shoes".

Of course, the material of the socks doesn't matter, and even if the hem opening is wide, the balance is good. Of course, you can wear it with white denim or trousers, but even if you pair it with chino shorts and colored socks from now on, it won't look unfashionable.
It's innovative but cool to wear with sweatpants.

Military clothing will always be a "man's romance," but the materials and specifications (such as pigskin used for the three-layer military sole and liner) make it even more comfortable to wear.

We do not dare to mention the brand name and faithfully reproduce our products to the present.
We would like you to experience the ``nostalgia and freshness'' of these deck shoes that were made by such a brand.

REPRODUCTION OF FOUND, Italian Navy Military Deck ¥38,500 (tax included)

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