Hello, this is Kurono, a buyer at J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA.
Today, we would like to introduce rug bags by "RED TASSELS".

A rug hand-woven by Berber women living in the Moroccan desert. It's a color scheme you don't usually see, and the pattern can be considered art.
The unique uneven texture and irregular weave that can only be seen in hand-woven fabrics. I fell in love with this material.

It takes many months to weave a single rug.
So it's not cheap.
I don't think it should be cheap.
But...at this price, your customers might be happy! I decided on the price.

Because hand-woven fabrics are durable, they are passed down through generations, increasing in value with each use and eventually becoming vintage.
Even if you use the same fabric, it will look different depending on where you use it, so it is a one-of-a-kind piece.

A bag made of such materials.

This time, I went out of my way and ordered a new model from "RED TASSELS".
We focused on a unisex design that can be worn easily and with a variety of styles.
Another great thing is that it can hold a lot of luggage.

Most of the time, it is not easy to complete.

When I made the first sample, the handle was ugly because the fabric was so thick.
Therefore, I wanted to somehow improve the quality of the product, so I worked with the designer to come up with ways to improve the specifications. (Also, the designer apparently researched sewing methods and specifications by searching on YouTube. lol)
Thank you for making time for me many times.
Anyway, thank you very much.

It is also recommended as an accent to classic styles such as blazers and oxford shirts.
Perfect for couples, couples, or as a gift for your loved ones.

Sales start at 12:00 on Friday, October 16th.
Currently, we are not considering selling on an online store, and will only sell in stores.

Style no. BOJUIZ0300
Price. ¥19,800 (tax in)
Size. Free

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