120th Signet Ring

Do you know what a "signet ring" is? In English, it is written as "Signet Ring". You've been hearing the word signature a lot lately. Signature means "signature", "signature", "symbol", etc.

A signature model is a model that if someone supervises or approves of the finished product, they will sign the main body (or contract) and sell it. And, Signet probably means an official signature or evidence (such as a seal) recognized by the person in question.

This time, we have prepared a silver signet ring that was only available by order only at J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA. The reason I started making signet rings is because I've been curious about a certain celebrity's left little finger for a long time.

that's right. "King Charles" King Charles.
His left pinky finger is always casually decorated with a gold pinky ring. It's really subtle, so few people may be paying attention to it, but I was.

Since then, I have been doing a lot of research on "signet rings", and I found that rings with a coat of arms engraved on the top of the ring are called signet rings, and looking back in history, coats of arms in Europe that represent family status were created according to strict rules. Because variations were created by branch families and marriages, each person was made with a unique design to represent their origin.

He also appeared in the movie "Kingsman". The ring that acted like that stun gun. It's really a signet ring. In the movie, it was intentionally placed on the little finger of the right hand. (The little finger on the right hand is said to enhance expressiveness and show off one's charm. The little finger on the left hand is said to attract opportunities and make wishes come true.)

In Britain, where the class system remains, are these prestigious items a sign of wealth? In any case, I thought it would be good as a casual item that would go well with a suit or jacket. I think it's a much more classy item than wearing a watch that looks like a chunky bracelet.

Please try this opportunity.

120TH SIGNET RING ¥39,600 ( tax included)


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