23FW “What STAFF bought right away this season” episode

Hello. This is J.PRESS&SON'S AOYAMA Ebara.

The temperature has finally started to drop, and the season to wear FW has arrived. What did you all buy this fall/winter season? Or what are you planning to buy in the future?

This time, we would like to introduce you to the items that J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA STAFF bought on the spot this season!

Let's go right away!

First of all, Ebara chose CRST SPORT TRACK JACKET & TRACK PANTS. I bought this because it was the last season of CRST. The CRST SPORT TRACK JACKET, a merino wool top, has a loose silhouette for a relaxed feel, while the CRST SPORT HIGHWATER TRACK PANTS, bottoms made of the same material, have a nylon belt passed through the waist, giving it a sporty look, but the silhouette is similar to that of slacks. I wanted to wear it as a set and then put a blazer over it, so I bought it immediately. it's the best!

CRST SPORT TRACK JACKET ¥69,300 (tax included)


Next is STAFF Sato. Purchase 1 TUCK PIPED STEM. I was looking for bottoms to go with my suede boots, and these pants went so well with me that I decided to buy them right away. Traditional piped stems are untucked, but this one can be tucked to create an expression around the waist and can be used to dress up the look. These pants are very popular among our staff. Yankee striped dress pants are easy to wear with casual wear and will come in handy!

1 TUCK PIPED STEM ¥33,000 (tax included)

The third person is STAFF Ishida. I chose FABRIC LOGO SWEAT-SHIRT. The classic sweatshirt can be worn seasonally, and I like that the logo has been changed to a fabric logo from this season, which makes it look more expensive and can be worn loosely for a grown-up look. It would be nice to have several in different colors. The fit allows for easy layering with a shirt.

FABRIC LOGO SWEAT-SHIRT ¥17,600 (tax included)

The fourth person is STAFF Niizuma. This season, it looks like there will be a lot of coordination centered around brown and beige. So I wanted a cap to go with it, so I chose a red cap. He rarely wears a cap, but this season he decided to buy a red baseball, which can often be found in second-hand clothes, with the J.PRESS logo on it and make it look more interesting. Our classic logo cap has been a popular product ever since we opened.

J.PRESS CAP ¥7,150 (tax included)

Lastly, STAFF Kojima. When I was looking for a set up with a mature atmosphere, I was drawn to colors and wanted to try out colors that I wouldn't normally choose! That's why I chose this color. The details are cool, and I like the attention to detail, such as the painted buttons. I see a lot of customers who are really looking for trousers starting this fall/winter. Our staff also loves clean pants. Coordinating with a solid bottom will upgrade the entire look. Even more so when it comes to setup.

3B AUTHENTEIC ¥59,400 (tax included)

1 TUCK PIPED STEM ¥33,000 (tax included)

What did you think. Autumn/winter is the time when Ametora shows its true potential. Please visit our store and consider each item.


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