Charcoal TOKYO - OC SL Turtle L/S SP

Nice to meet you, I'm Sato, a staff member.

This is my first time writing a SONS blog, so please be gentle. . .

Without further ado, this time we would like to introduce you to the OC SL Turtle L/S SP, which is a bespoke item made with Charcoal TOKYO.

Simply put, you can think of it as a turtleneck long T-shirt and there is no problem.

The details include "JPS" embroidered on the neck, two chest pockets, and "CHL", Charcoal's initials, embroidered in the same color as the body. It is made with a small pocket inside a large pocket. The chest pocket makes it look more like a long T-shirt, giving it a casual look.

Also, for those who want to wear a turtleneck knit every year but have avoided wearing it because of the prickly feeling that is unique to wool, I think you can wear it without any problems as it is made of 100% cotton.

As for how to wear it, we recommend it as an inner layer for a shirt or sweatshirt. Personally, I would like to wear it with a double navy blue blur. The reason for the double design is that the V zone is narrower and more elegant than the single version.
What do you think.

Please feel free to ask us any questions about styling when you visit our store!

CHARCOAL TOKYO - OC SL TURTLE L/S SP ¥15,400 (tax included)

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