My name is Kurono and I am a buyer at J.PRESS&SON'S AOYAMA.

I think denim is a must-buy item during the transition period between winter and spring. Denim is great because you can wear it all season. Today we would like to introduce you to such denim. J.PRESS has incorporated strong twist denim, which is becoming a standard material, into the material.

The colors are also available in two spring/summer colors.
It is an ice blue that has been bleached and made with cotton residue left behind. It has a firm fleshy feel and can be used as a seasonal item regardless of spring/summer, fall/winter.

Two types of molds are available.

First up is DENIM UTILITY TROUSERS.The base of this item is 1950's US, AIR FORCE utility cotton trousers. Also known as mechanic pants. Trousers from this era are made of sage green cotton satin fabric, and are famous as cool vintage trousers, but they are very rare to find. Personally, I often patrol online sites, but I really don't see it. (lol)

Let's dig into the details...
First of all, it has a distinctive thick silhouette and feels perfect for today's times.
Although it's thick, the hip part is neat and the silhouette doesn't look sloppy, which is a nice point.

It has a large patch pocket, which is also a detail of Baker pants, and the inside of this pocket is slightly pinched to create a tuck, which is a distinctive detail.

In addition, the waist has adjustable details with a snap button adjuster at the waist, making it a design that enhances the fit. If you tighten it a little, it will fit better and make your buttocks look neater.

The back pocket only has a flap on the left side. The shape of the pocket also has a distinctive design with shaved corners.

One thing that has been removed from the vintage style is that it originally had side pockets on both sides, but this detail has been removed so that it can be used as trousers with a clean look. Changed from button fly to zip fly.

Next, this is a type of chino pants known as the US ARMY M-41, which is a standard item. Distinctive design details include the watch pocket on both sides of the front and the back pocket. The silhouette is also wider than usual.

The thing I wanted to talk about most this time is that the use of denim material makes the wide silhouette stand out. Strong twist means that the threads are strongly twisted, which gives the fabric just the right amount of firmness and makes the pants look impressive. Also, the new bleached ice blue color is one that tends to be casual, but it gives off a classy look.

At J.PRESS ORIGINALS, we want everyone to wear clean, modern denim, and we can confidently recommend our approach based on American culture.

When it comes to styling, I think sweatshirts go great with casual tops.
Also, it would be stylish to pair it with J.PRESS's clean standard items.

for example,

- Coordinate with a navy blazer to create a contrast with the top and bottom shading.
- You can pair it with an oxford shirt or broadcloth for a clean look with a basic color white or saxophone shirt, or coordinate it with a prep look using colors such as yellow or green.
-On the other hand, since it's spring, I thought it would be a good idea to wear tops that incorporate various colors for an American style look.
・Of course sneakers are the best choice for shoes, but I think it would be cool to pair it with leather shoes.

Please consider it.

DENIM UTILITY TROUSERS ¥26,400 (tax included)

DENIM MILITARY TROUSERS ¥24,200 (tax included)

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