This is Sato from the staff.

This time we would like to introduce EASY SHORTS by J.PRESS ORIGNALS.

As the name suggests, the waist part is easy type, making it easy to put on and take off.

This season, these shorts are chemically washed, which creates uneven color compared to stonewashed shorts, making them more impactful, so they are recommended as a staple item for summer.

When you hear chemical washing, you tend to think it's a bit of a hurdle, but I think summer is the season when it's easier to give it a try, when people tend to wear light clothing.

The shorts have a wide silhouette, so if you choose a size that is a little roomy for the top and style it with casual items such as T-shirts or polo shirts, I think this item can reduce the hurdles.

From around October, when the summer heat ends, I decided to create a style that would allow people to enjoy the unbalanced look of a jacket and shorts. I wore a polo shirt as an inner layer, and tried to match it with a double-breasted blazer, being careful not to make it look too rough.

The hot weather is still here, but I hope you enjoy fashion.

EASY SHORTS (CHINO) ¥24,200 (tax included)


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