ED ROBERT JUDSON “STAFF personal belongings” episode

This time we will be introducing ``STAFF's personal item' ' ED ROBERT JUDSON .

" ED ROBERT JUDSON " is a "project" that expands the sensitivity of the person who holds it. A brand that discovers new sensations by combining contradictory materials such as natural leather and industrial parts. Careful hand-sewn stitches and high-quality materials with a history guarantee the quality of the product, while maximizing the interest of ideas, and continuing to create never-before-seen products that are not only experimental but also useful. Masu.

Let's start with Kurono, the buyer.

Owns PARALLEL (MAGIC PURSE) and HELIX (CARD CASE) . I've been using each for about a year.

PARALLEL (MAGIC PURSE) is made of embossed leather that is scratch resistant, has more storage capacity than it looks, and is easy to use, so I use it for practical purposes.

HELIX (CARD CASE) is used as a business card holder, and people often ask for it when exchanging business cards. The spring-like moving parts are eye-catching.

Next is STAFF Niizuma.

I am a heavy user who has been using HOOKE (COIN CASE) for about 4 years.

As you continue to use it, the leather will become more familiar and shiny, making it beautiful and easy to use. When serving customers, I often use this personal item as a comparison object to show customers how it has changed over time. The gimmicky opening and closing is also interesting.

Finally, I am Ebara.

I recently purchased BUCKS (OVAL CROCHET) . ED ROBERT JUDSONI'm a beginner.

Not only is it easy to use, but while many of these crochet types have a two-dimensional design, the three-dimensional design is rare, so I bought it because I wanted to wear it as a practical accessory. In fact, I use it with store keys and a tool knife. I also like that you don't overlap with other people.

Needless to say, this brand already has many fans, but if you don't have one or are wondering what to get as a gift, try ED ROBERT JUDSON!


Established in 2009. Robert Hooke, the scientist who discovered the theory of spring elasticity, Whitocomb L. Judson, the inventor who invented the zipper, and Edo, which means Tokyo. We created the name of a fictitious craftsman called "ED ROBERT JUDSON" by combining three words and used it as the brand name. The concept is "an idea tool created by a fictitious craftsman using inspiration from everyday things." A unisex accessory brand that develops items that combine industrial parts such as springs and wires with leather products. The brand concept is "idea tools created by fictional craftsmen using everyday things as hints."


After graduating from school, he started making handmade bags and started his own brand.
It is characterized by design development centered on concepts and ideas that consist of unique stories.


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