This time we would like to introduce you to the accessory brand IN-PUT-OUT.

Kurono, the buyer, loves the NBA, and having seen accessories that IN-PUT-OUT had previously collaborated with a certain shop, he approached IN-PUT-OUT's designer, and the collaboration was realized. did. He also said that he sympathized with the company's ability to create products with strong messages. I'm certainly attracted to motifs that give a sense of culture in delicate accessories, and creations that cynically incorporate existing items.

The bespoke NECKLESS is engraved with THE NEW HAVEN TIMEZ. The plate has an Old English font reminiscent of the New York Times and a BOOK motif that is reminiscent of COLLEGE. The special feature is that the "S" in TIMES has been changed to "Z". You can see the attention to detail!

The RING is engraved with "N" and "H" on the front, "T" and "Z" on the side, and the initials of THE NEW HAVEN TIMEZ are engraved on each. Like NECKLESS, this is also engraved in Old English. It's small, so it's perfect for a pinky ring!

Both NECKLESS and RING are available in gold and silver. The gold is plated with silver 925, so you can enjoy the change over time.

Both are recommended as an accent to your usual outfit. I think it would be good as a gift. I'd love to!

IN-PUT-OUT - TNHT NECKLESS ¥15,400 (tax included)

IN-PUT-OUT - TNHT RING ¥14,300 (tax included)


A brand that outputs things that have been input from various places throughout life through jewelry. Aiming for a design that is just right and unlikely.

Address:1F, Office Aoyama, 3-10-2Kita-Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Google Map
Instagram: @jpressandsons_aoyama
Weekday 12:00-20:00
Weekend 11:00-19:00
Monday closed (open if Monday is a holiday)