Introducing IVY HEYDAY's new summer T-shirt.

First, let's talk about the material. This cotton thread is an open-end yarn (empty spun yarn) often used in American-made T-shirts, and has a structure in which the fibers are twisted together using air pressure. When you look at the cross section, it looks irregular, or rather, it has a plump and voluminous feel because it contains air between the fibers. Mr. Ichikawa of IMPRESTORE (IVY HEYDAY is a joint label with IMPRESTORE) describes it as a toast-like dough, with a crispy outside and soft inside.

The touch is characterized by a rough and hard texture, and has excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties. This makes it a popular thread for people who like functionality and an American style.

Also, don't forget that we have added ``degrees'', so whether you like the American style or not, there may be some who like this firm and slightly hard texture. I also love the way it shows the lines of my body and doesn't look tight.

What I've explained so far is that I'm talking about materials that you can find if you look elsewhere. What I found most amazing about IMPRESTORE's materials is that all colors are made with yarn dyeing.
To explain in more detail, there are two methods of applying color to the fabric: yarn dyeing and piece dyeing.
Yarn dyeing is a very labor-intensive process, so to be honest, the cost is high.
This is because it is easier and less time-consuming to weave or knit plain fabrics with white thread and then dye them.

In that case, I would like to talk about the benefits of yarn dyeing.

① Because it is dyed with thread, the color has depth.
② Do not destroy the quality of the raw materials.

There are two benefits: Above all, it has a nice texture.

Mr. Ichikawa, designer of IMPRESTORE, says that he yarn-dyed his sweatshirts when working with J.PRESS. I've said this many times before, but it was clearly better to yarn-dye the T-shirts as well! about it. (lol)

I have about 10 years of experience in purchasing and making fabrics, but I have never heard of yarn-dying plain cut-and-sew fabrics.
However, I can tell that it's definitely a little different from existing T-shirts.
Will anyone even notice? I'm talking about a certain level. . . (lol)
However, my personal prediction is that when a T-shirt is washed over and over again, the color will fade more quickly with piece-dyed T-shirts, and the color will fade and turn white.
This yarn-dyed T-shirt is great because even after repeated washing, the color won't fade or turn white, and you can wear it while maintaining the color!

I would like to introduce this feature because I think it's wonderful that they pay attention to things that they don't understand or don't know when making products.

A quick look at the silhouette and specifications.
In terms of silhouettes, vintage designs have an elongated image. We created a silhouette that overturns that image.
In terms of specifications, the sleeves and hems of many T-shirts are now often sewn with twin needles.
However, IMPRESTORE's T-shirts are single-printed in order to retain the atmosphere of the time, and today only a limited number of craftsmen can sew them. This point can also be said to be a point that IMPRESTORE was particular about.

Design ① BASEBALL T SHORT (THE IVY HEYDAY) [ white / yellow / red / sax blue / green ]

The products of 22SS, which is the second season, are based on the IVY HEYDAY style vintage sports mix.
The source of the image was the grass baseball scene on campus, which was also recorded in the book "TAKE IVY". The style of Ivy League students in the early 1960s has a nostalgic yet fresh feel that makes me admire it even now. Please pick up and experience the collection that perfectly combines IMPRESTORE's modern design and J.PRESS's classic sampling.

For the T-shirt graphics, graphic designer Gunji-san came up with various ideas for seasonal graphics. Originally, I was allowed to choose only one type, but all the designs are very good, so I was wondering if you could let me use different graphics in different colors for each T-shirt, which is usually not allowed. I proposed this project and received the OK, and the project was decided.

I tried sublimating it into various designs, such as the front of the chest and the left chest, keeping in mind the graphic image and body color. Each one has a different atmosphere and you can feel different. There is also a type 1 pocket T (lol)


Uniforms are cool as fashion, but most of them are made of mesh fabrics such as polyester, making them difficult to wear as fashion. However, when I saw vintage Yankees made from jersey material at a thrift store, I thought this item would be easy to wear and included it in my project. The buttons also use classic cat-eye buttons. I think it would look great layered with T-shirts of the same color.

Lastly, we would like to introduce three T-shirts in calm colors that are a little different from the atmosphere of THE IVY HEYDAY.


The graphics are classic, but they look like SON'S and still look good today. Baba-kun, the planner, decided on the moody color scheme. The gray heather was developed to express the classic marbling seen in vintage items, and is being shown for the first time this time.

All products are available in 3 sizes, so everyone will be able to find the size they like.

It is made in small quantities, so if you are interested, please hurry!

We look forward to seeing you at our store.

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