This time we would like to introduce CHINO 3B TAILORED JACKET .

This season, J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA is offering various variations of jackets.

Starting from a standard blazer, this is a cotton linen 4B jacket with a larger length and width.

3B jacket using J.PRES standard fabric “WEST POINT” which was previously introduced on the blog.

Most recently, we have created a large number of jackets, ranging from basic ones to slightly unusual ones, such as relaxed fit denim pajama setups.

The CHINO 3B TAILORED JACKET that we are introducing this time is a basic jacket that can be worn not only by those who have worn J.PRESS jackets, but also by those who have never worn a J.PRESS jacket. It is a highly versatile piece. The material is cotton like WEST POINT's 3B jacket, but it is thinner than WEST POINT, so I think it will be useful for the coming season.

In my personal opinion, the WEST POINT 3B jacket is a cotton chino, but the fabric is firm and a little rugged and masculine, and it has a more casual look that makes you want to wear a crew neck sweatshirt or hoodie inside. This jacket is also recommended for casual wear, but it has a dressy feel that makes you want to dress it up.

The details are based on J.PRESS's classic Pepin Merino Tropical 3B Blazer, and the size is almost the same, but there are some areas that have been slightly updated to reflect the current mood.

The biggest difference is that there are no shoulder pads, interlining, or sleeve lining.

It may not seem like a big difference, but when you actually wear it, it feels like a very different jacket, even though the size and details are similar to a standard blazer. The light appearance of removing secondary materials such as interlining and shoulder pads, as well as the beautiful silhouette when worn just the right size, can only be achieved by J.PRESS, which has continued to create jackets with a variety of patterns and sewing techniques. I think.

In addition, by changing the sleeves to real faces and change buttons, the jacket has a more relaxed feel.

Furthermore, J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA is embroidered as a special feature. The 3-step buttons, patch and flap waist pockets, center hook vent, etc. are made after a classic blazer.

In addition to the familiar beige and navy, we have also added a new color, brown.

The brown jacket is quite fresh and unlike anything you've seen before, and it's my personal favorite.

I'm also making some other jackets made from different materials that I'd like to wear in the summer, but I'd like to introduce them to you once the weather gets a little warmer.

We look forward to seeing you at our store.



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