[About materials]

New Zealand Pepin Merinos are bred in the mountainous regions of southeast New Zealand, ranging from 100 meters to 3,000 meters above sea level. Grass is available all year round, providing stable nutrition and producing uniform, exceptionally strong coats. In addition, due to the blessed natural environment and thorough management system, the wool has extremely low levels of foreign matter contamination and boasts excellent purity. Also, due to the high altitude, there are not many pests on the sheep, so there is no need for mulesing, and the country has banned mulesing, so we can sing about non-mules.

We always try to weave with the thread and texture in mind, such as adjusting the speed of weaving by changing the number of revolutions according to the characteristics of the thread.

Set the warp thread to 2/66 count and the weft thread to 2/60 count.The raw material used is 19.5μ to 20.0μ . We purposely chose a different count to achieve a balance between soft texture and durability.The raw material is μ , which has stable quality and can always be supplied as a worsted material.We use Yokkaichi's high quality water and natural soap to create a soft and fluffy product. Creates the ideal texture.

[About details]

3 buttons with stepped back ・Natural shoulders
・Hook vent
・Patch & flap pocket
・Red piping

It is full of details that give you a classic American traditional feel.

model:176cm size38

[About silhouette]

It is the same size as the jacket that has been available since 20FW, but it is the first Pepin Merino toro item. In other words, this is a product that SON'S would like to introduce as a new standard and right in the middle.

The sizing image is that 38 is AB6. The sleeve width and body width are increased. In addition, it has a classic silhouette that is reminiscent of the old O-sen, and the collar has been slightly shaved off.

Personally, I think the sleeves fit a little more like a dress and are a little narrower than the width of the body to make it look beautiful.
However, it is a blazer that suits a variety of people.

In terms of materials, long-established traditional brands tend to be a little thinner, and because they are made in Italy, they tend to have a glossy finish. Although a blazer is not a suit, the yarn count of Savile Row in the UK was originally 50/2, which means that the yarn count was 50/2, and the fabric had the same number of threads in the vertical and horizontal directions, making it durable. Although the count has changed, J.PRESS is still made in the 60/2 class and is a square set. Considering that they have made efforts to use good quality raw materials, it can be said to be authentic and simple.Generally, the basic colors are navy or charcoal gray, but J.PRESS's dark Navy is distinctive.

model:180cm size40


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