This time, we would like to introduce J.PRESS 's standard material, the Ventile series.

[About materials]

First of all, J.PRESS's standard Ventile coat is made of gabardine weave, but the Ventile used in spring and summer is made from light weather cloth with a slight brushed finish, giving it a unique texture.

By the way, I'm sure you've heard of gabardine, but what is weather cloth?

Apparently it was originally developed for military use and was often used as fabric for military coats. Nowadays, it is attracting attention not only as a fashionable fabric but also as a lightweight fabric with excellent water resistance. Generally speaking, most items are densely woven with a blend of 65 % polyester and 35 % cotton, but J.PRESS is, of course, 100% cotton because it is Ventile.

The biggest feature is waterproofness. As the English word "weather" means, the name comes from the meaning of "sunny or rainy."

This time, the J.PRESS oval logo is boldly printed on the back of the material. Although it is a classic standard material, we have devised a way to enjoy it visually.


In terms of style, it is a relaxed fit balmakaan coat that we continue to develop. It inherits the classic details typical of J.PRESS , and there are many points that I personally like, such as a collar that is a little small for the loose width of the body, single sleeves, and a long length.

On the back side, we have made the finish lighter by removing the lining from the body.

It's nice to see the piping on the back and the oval print when it sways in the wind.

model:180cm size XL

model:176cm size L

model:171cm size M

We also recommend going one size up from your perfect size and wearing it loosely for a nice atmosphere.

I think we have created a coat that is a little classic, a little playful, and will be loved for a long time.


When you think of a cotton-type tailored jacket, many people probably think of the standard material TC poplin. This may be a first for J.PRESS , but we made a tailored jacket using this Ventile. What I was conscious of when looking at the completed image was softness and lightness.

I think most of the jackets proposed by J.PRESS have beautiful, structured silhouettes with shape retention in mind, but this time they have removed all the shoulder pads, interlining, and body lining, so the coat It is also lightly finished. Like the coat I introduced earlier, it uses Ventile, a weather cloth that has just the right amount of firmness, so it has excellent shape retention.

The design is double, so you can pair it with the two-pleat pants we'll introduce at the end for a fresh set-up style, or you can just wear it loosely over a T- shirt without tightening the front. Of course, it is also recommended to use it as a stand-alone jacket.

model:176cm size 38

model:171cm size 36

model:180cm size 40

We are always thinking and imagining the materials when planning, but to be honest, we are confident that the finished jacket has a more contemporary feel than we imagined.


This is a 2- pleat wide slacks that was also available in 20FW . The silhouette also reflects my current mood.

As I introduced last time, this is an actual model that was found in the J.PRESS USA archives, but I worked on creating it while incorporating it into the current sensibilities of the times.

The best part is that this fabric also has a J.PRESS oval print on the back, so we recommend rolling it up roughly when wearing it.

I think slacks are often worn with double or single hems pre-hemmed, but even when rolled up, the fabric has just the right amount of flesh, so the hem doesn't rise up easily. I think I was able to propose a fresh pair of pants that can give you a casual and rough look. model:176cm size 32

model:171cm size 32

Actually, I'm also making shorts, but I'll introduce them to you once the weather gets a little warmer.

Please try it in store.






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