This season, J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA has created a waist point setup.

This time I will introduce the trousers type 2.

I introduced it once on Instagram live in the summer, but what is a weapon?

There is no doubt that it is a type of chino, but to be more precise, it is "a fabric derived from the uniforms of the United States Army West Point Military Academy." It came to be called Weapon, short for West Point. Unlike regular chino cloth, the weapon is made of a double-thread twill weave instead of a single thread, making it stronger and more lustrous than chino cloth. West Point Military Academy is, so to speak, an elite training school, and in the United States, admitting a child to a military academy is considered a status sign, and is said to be as boastful as being admitted to the Ivy League or Stanford. Due to this background, uniforms were made of a higher quality material than chino cloth.

There are various fabrics called weapons in the world, but the characteristics of J.PRESS weapons are

・While glossiness is often created through processing, J.PRESS ORIGINALS uses the quality of the yarn itself to create a glossiness.
・Although it may be somewhat stiff and stiff at first, it will become softer and more familiar as you wear and wash it repeatedly.
・The fabric is sturdy, so it shows off its shape beautifully. Also, my knees don't come out easily.
- Beautifully wrinkled.

I think that the ruggedness unique to the weapon and the moderate sheen and firmness of the fabric are a perfect match.


First of all, the piped stem that I introduced before has been added. This is a continuing type.

What is Piped Stem again?

Simply put, a piped stem is a type of slacks that has a chimney-like silhouette that is the same thickness from top to bottom.

The piped stem is a pants silt characteristic of Ivy League model slacks.

・Slim untucked pants ・Double hem with fold-back ・Back pocket (pith pocket)
・A back strap (buckle) can be attached between the back band and the piss pocket.

There are details such as these, and J.PRESS creates slacks that are faithful to these aspects.

It has a deep rise and features a beautiful silhouette that hugs your legs from the waist to the hem.

Not only can you wear it with a shirt, you can also tuck in a T- shirt and pair it with leather shoes, or even a sweatshirt.

When you think of slacks, you probably first think of worsted wool, but since they have center pleats, I think they would also be cool to wear as classy chinos. This item can be worn all season.

model:176cm size 32


The next item I'd like to introduce is two- pleat slacks.

The silhouette is similar to the 2-pleat slacks I've made previously from other materials.

However, up until now, we have often used a slightly softer material, but this time we have used a material that has a firmer and more fleshy feel, resulting in an even more impressive finish.

I really think it's interesting that even if you have the same silhouette, you can discover a different coolness by using weapon-like materials.

In addition, the 2- pleat silhouette is very flattering considering the current times, so we recommend it.

As for styling, I think it would be cool to take advantage of the thickness of the pants and wear them tucked in or with short jeans.

The length of the pants should just barely touch the instep of leather shoes, and even with casual sneakers like New Balance, I think it would look even better if you matched the length to a length that barely touches the instep.

model:180cm size 32

Please try it in store.





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