This time we would like to introduce our new brand "KANEMASA".

Let's start with the shirt. This is 46G, a super high gauge fabric that has a high-density plain weave structure similar to that of a typewriter fabric. Original sustainable yarn "SRO yarn" and eco-polyester are knitted together. It has high stretchability and is so comfortable that you won't want to stop wearing it once you put it on.It also doesn't change its shape such as wrinkles when worn, and is easy to care for. In addition, it is characterized by a glossy and firm feel due to the ultra-high density knitting. By adding a unique resin treatment, we have created a fabric with more elasticity. This is a new standard shirt that only KANEMASA can create, with the appearance of a woven fabric, but with firmness, luster, and easy care.

This thin, high-gauge knit, which is said to be difficult to sew, is expertly sewn at one of Japan's leading knit shirt factories. The details are made of dressal, and all are rolled up and lockstitched.

Recycled polyester and recycled cotton are dyed using two-bath dyeing (a method of dyeing different materials with two types of dye solutions in succession) to create a deep coloring. This carefully selected fabric has been designed with a luxurious oversized pattern to create a more drapey feel. The butterfly buttons, cuff buttons, and yoke position are just like a dress shirt. Because it has a firm feel, it has an oversized pattern, but by shortening the length, anyone can wear it.

A one-of-a-kind new luxury loose shirt that combines the dressy feel of textiles and the casual feel of patterns.

*SRO-“Suvin Recycle Organic”
KANEMASA original raw material that is both sustainable and has a high-quality silky touch, blending recycled raw cotton from the extremely rare super-long staple Subin and organic super-long staple cotton.

* Roll-up lockstitch - A method of sewing in which the machine is used once and then covered with the machine again so that the edges of the fabric are not visible in order to make it feel better against the skin.

Next is the bespoke blazer. This is also a super high gauge of 46G, and the carefully calculated threading and knitting structure creates a solaro (bead pattern) that was previously only possible with woven fabrics. Original sustainable yarn "SRO yarn" and eco-polyester are knitted at ultra-high density. By using a unique jacquard machine that allows the knitting structure to be freely manipulated, the eyes of the twill structure are highlighted, creating an iridescent pattern that was previously considered impossible to achieve with knits, and producing an ultra-high-density luster and color difference. A distinctive luxury outer material.

Fabrics with this structure are difficult to sew in traditional cut-and-sew factories because they are too finely woven. The point to pay particular attention to is the lining. The docking part with the lining has a big difference in stretch and contraction depending on the knit fabric and the fabric. In conventional factories, this difference causes irregularities in stitching, but we prevent this by applying special processing to the fabric to match its expansion and contraction. Of course, this is a specification that can only be achieved at one of Japan's leading sewing factories. This is a blazer that truly combines the history of J.PRESS and the technology of KANEMASA. To make it look like Solaro, the front and back sides are dyed in different colors. This is a new fabric that shows different expressions depending on the viewing angle.

The silhouette is slightly boxy, with a little room in the width. Three gold buttons on the front and sleeves. The armholes are also slightly thicker.

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