The Fair Isle sweater is a traditional classic pattern that has been knitted in England for over 400 years and is called "Fair Isle."The name comes from the Norse word for "Island of Sheep." Its birthplace is Fair Isle. Fair Island is a small island in the Shetland Islands, off the north coast of Scotland in the United Kingdom, inhabited by approximately 70 people. The longest distance of the island is only about 4.8 kilometers, and in terms of area, it is less than 0.5% of Tokyo.

The colorful use of colors and geometric patterns in various shapes are two major characteristics of Fair Isle knits. There are various theories as to where this motif came from. There seem to be various theories, including the family crest of the fishermen who have lived on Fair Isle for generations, and the natural scenery of Fair Isle, which is said to be home to many rare species of birds.

This pattern was the part I had a hard time designing. We expanded our imagination by referring to actual items and photographs, carefully considered the size of the patterns and color combinations at a glance, created more than a dozen simulation patterns, and applied them to the actual knitted fabrics to make further improvements. There are still many parts that I can't talk about, but this is the pattern I completed. Moreover, he is particular about changing the pattern depending on the color.

    In fact, many people may think that making a Scottish Fair Isle sweater is extremely difficult. However, this yarn is not a woolen yarn, but a worsted yarn, and the color scheme is good, so I think it can be matched with any style. FAIR ISLE VEST ¥28,600

    A lettered cardigan is a thick cardigan that was created in the 1950s and 1960s when ivy sweaters were popular and had the initials of the school or club name on it.

    By the way, in Japan, it is said to have happened in 1964 during the early Ivy boom. It seems to have been popular during the second boom in the 70 's and 80 's. Have you ever seen a lettered knit at a thrift store that makes you wonder why it's so small? If you search for past photos on the internet, you'll see that cheerleaders often wear them.

    When planning a J.PRESS ORIGINALS letter cardigan, the first step was to sample old, real letter cardigans and what was the point? I started by verifying that part. For example, the depth of the V , the slope of the shoulders, the balance of the placket, etc. It was difficult to come up with modern sizing without disrupting the sense of balance.

    Lettered and Tilden become childish when done poorly. I tend to fall into a bit of a cosplay style. Considering how it doesn't look that way, I feel that this knit is extremely excellent. Although the price cannot be said to be cheap, the high-quality yarn is used luxuriously, and I think that the quality of the yarn and the atmosphere of the hem weave give it a mature look. As many of you may know, the Tilden sweater ( or cricket sweater ) is characterized by a thick line on the collar and hem, and a cable-knit body.It was originally a sweater worn during cricket matches. It is said to have been worn by the famous American tennis player William Tilden , and was named after him.

    It has been featured on J.PRESS for a long time, along with Shaggy Dog, and has been loved as a standard item of traditional wear.

    The product uses yarn from an Italian yarn manufacturer. We use extra-fine merino, a carefully selected high-quality Australian wool, and are specially processed to give it a silky luster and cashmere-like texture, even though it is preshrunk. What's more, even though it's wool, it doesn't pill or wrinkle easily, yet the color is beautiful. As a side note, it is said that because the yarn is dyed with high-quality water from Italy, the color is more likely to settle on the thread, resulting in better color development. Water is also involved.

    Elegant knits are often seen in delicate, high-gauge knits called worsted, but this one is thicker by twisting three threads into a single cord thread. In addition to the quality of the original raw material, by twisting other threads together, it becomes a rope-like thread, giving it an even more lustrous appearance. By the way, it is quite luxurious as it uses a lot of thread. Another aspect of knitting is that the price is proportional to the amount of thread used.

    The knitted fabric is knitted using a ridge knitting method, which has a single vertical thread. The simple yet evenly arranged stitches have a sophisticated and modern feel, so they go well with the material. This time, I added a twist and used different colored threads for the front and back, so that the threads on the back can be seen between the stripes. Furthermore, the key point of the design is that the V ( collar ) part has an arrow pattern, which is not often seen on regular Childen sweaters, giving it a bit of freshness. The shoulders and body width are wide, creating a modern silhouette.
    TILDEN VEST ¥28,600


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