NL for J.PRESS&SON'S "Mobile Glass Case"

Hello, this is Kojima, a staff member.

The item I would like to introduce today is one that has been well received among son's staff since its release in July.

NL/Mobile Glass Case

This is a `` Mobile Glass Case '' that was specially ordered by NL, a brand that is well known in our store.

NL has previously released bespoke leather items such as belts and bags, but this time's glass case is also a product packed with attention to detail.

NL/Mobile Glass Case

All leather is genuine leather, and we use vegetable tanned leather made in Italy, which is the standard for leather items. It is characterized by a moist texture and suppleness that contains oil, and as you use it, it becomes glossy and you can enjoy the tasteful aging.

Leather strap made of genuine leather

Not only the main body but also the neck strap is made of genuine leather. The length is adjustable, so you can wear it at your preferred length. (50cm~100cm)

Because the leather is the same color as the case itself, the black color is more solid and the tanned color has a more natural look compared to silver chains.

Even people with metal allergies can wear it without any problems, so you can consider it as an option for leather necklaces.

There are two color variations: “black” and “nume”

There are two colors available: "Black" and "Nume", both of which have an atmosphere that is difficult to choose. I definitely recommend both colors. If you choose a color that matches the color of the leather items you already have, I think it will be easy to blend it in as part of your styling.

With the demand for sunglasses increasing, this accessory not only serves as a case, but also as a countermeasure against losing eyewear. Please store your own precious book.

As a side note, as I mentioned at the beginning, it has been very well received among our son's members, and the entire staff has already purchased 5 bottles in total, including the black and tanned ones. Everyone please take this opportunity.

NL for J.PRESS&SON'S "Mobile Glass Case" ¥13,200- (tax in)


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