This time we would like to introduce you to the shoe brand ORPHIC.
These are shoes that I am personally addicted to. Not only does it have a strong presence, but it is also extremely comfortable to wear. Among them, the 3rd type that we will introduce this time is a particularly recommended gem. If you want to match it with a traditional brand like us, I think these 3 types will make an excellent coordination.
It goes particularly well with wide pants, and the wide hem makes it perfect when paired with pants that are likely to rub against the ground. The sole is thick, which reduces the hem of your pants from slipping, and makes you look a little taller.
The coin loafer type CRA PREMO and the plain toe type ELATION PREMO are good to match with dress-like pants such as wide tweed trousers or pleated slacks, and the OFFICER 2WAY RUNNER can be worn as a mule by stepping on the heel. Pair it with casual pants such as wide denim, wide chinos, or cargo pants like M65 for a great look.
The top goes without saying with a blazer! ! Wear ORPHIC and enjoy traditional fashion with a twist.

A new model with a coin loafer upper mixed with a trail running sole. While using a classic upper, it has the casual feel and comfort of a sneaker. The insole uses an original low-repulsion cushion for sneakers, and the outsole uses VIBRAM's low-repulsion sole with a built-in gel that is lightweight and cushioned.

A dress + sneaker sole model using the last of a leather shoe that combines comfort and luxury, named ELATION. While using cow leather, it has a lightweight outsole that cannot be plasticized from its appearance. The insole also has added cushioning. Uses VIBRAM cushion sole with gel built-in low resilience.

A model that can be worn in 2 ways. Constructed as a sneaker using a running sole for the outsole. The belt on the instep allows you to adjust the hold. The midsole and insole use original low-resilience cushion soles for sneakers.

CRA PREMO ¥39,600 (tax included)

ELATION PREMO ¥40,700 (tax included)

OFFICER 2WAY RUNNER (BLACK) ¥31,900 (tax included)

A shoe brand based on the concept of "On the Asphalt, the Forest, and the Carpet."
The design is a hybrid of leather shoes and sneakers.


Address:1F, Office Aoyama, 3-10-2Kita-Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Google Map


Instagram: @jpressandsons_aoyama
Weekday 12:00-20:00
Weekend 11:00-19:00
Monday closed (open if Monday is a holiday)