Hello. This is Matsumoto.

For those of you who are thinking about what to wear in summer even before the rainy season starts, we would like to introduce ORPHIC's new sandals.
This time is also interesting. The materials are exciting to research and the designs sublimate them well.

ORPHIC, CG NEO (BLACK TASSEL) ¥26,950 (tax included)

Do you know what material the upper part is made of?
This is an artificial leather called Alcantara.
It's a candy-like name.
It was originally developed in the 1970s as an interior material for automobiles.
For cars! ? The first exciting point.

It was originally called Ecsaine in Japan, Ultrasuede in America, and Alcantara in Europe.
Some people may have heard of it somewhere.
It looks like they are now unified with Alcantara. I guess it stuck with the most appetizing name.

The material is made from threads that are 1/400th thinner than a human hair, and is highly stretchy, which is key to stress-free comfort.
This is completely unrelated, but I often express it by saying that my hair is 0/3, but it doesn't really make sense to me.
It kind of makes sense when you think that it affects stretchability in this way.

It's true that genuine leather can cause color transfer and is difficult to maintain.
Even when you wash your car, you don't often get to wash the inside of it, and the materials that were created to alleviate this stress through technology have found their way into everyday items.

I'll explain the material here, but here the heel and toe part are used as a belt. I tried them on too, and they fit regardless of foot size.
The insole is also made of memory foam material, and the sole is thick but light.
Easy to wear anyway! The second exciting point.

They are worn barefoot, so lightness and fit are important. In that respect, ORPHIC is really light. I'm always surprised at how lightweight the brand is, as there are many loose silhouettes throughout the brand.

And the word "ORPHIC" is written on the back of the sole.

It's cunning that something like this is in a place you can't see. I'm not really excited about Hidden Mysteries, but this one is.

Although it looks voluminous, it is extremely light.
This time too, it's footwear typical of ORPHIC.

Please try it.

ORPHIC, CG NEO (BLACK TASSEL) ¥26,950 (tax included)

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