Hello. This is Matsumoto from STAFF.

Lately, I've been feeling down, and when I was looking at my feet, I noticed that more and more people were wearing sandals.

All kidding aside, it's finally that time of year. Sandals.

SON'S has also arrived in stock.

This time, we would like to introduce REPRODUCTION OF FOUND, ITALIAN MILITARY SANDAL .

This is a popular product following the recently introduced REPRODUCTION OF FOUND, Italian Navy Military Deck .
This is modeled after the sandals used by the Italian military in the 1980s.
This model is generally called Gurkha sandals.
Because it is a classic model, many people are likely to be particular about its form and details.

This one has a slightly plump form. The width is relatively wide and the structure has a high instep.
Since it is a Gurkha, you can of course adjust it with a belt.
It's an easy-to-wear silhouette that doesn't matter the shape of your feet.
A highly versatile form that you can choose even on days when you're in a hurry to get ready.
It goes well with slacks, chinos, shorts, and anything else, so you can use it daily.
Personally, I like pairing it with colored socks. It would be stylish to pick up the color of the cap with a pair of socks.

Every time I receive REPRODUCTION OF FOUND, I think it's strange that such a sophisticated design was used by the military.
It is said that fashion goes around, but soldiers at the time would have never imagined that it would be popularized in this way today.

This ITALIAN MILITARY SANDAL uses military soles that are still used by German border guards.
It is a three-layer rubber sole that is familiar to Repro.
Those who have worn them will understand that they are tireless.
The sole is good at absorbing shock, so you can wear it like sneakers.

When I wear leather shoes, no matter how used they are, I feel a little nervous. I hesitate on days when I walk a lot or have bad footing.
However, I still want to wear leather shoes.
REPRODUCTION OF FOUND is your ally on such days.

The sizing is a little loose, so we recommend ordering one size down.
There are two colors available: Black and White.

Please try it.

REPRODUCTION OF FOUND, Italian Navy Military Sandal ¥29,480 (tax included)

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