Before we talk about the Shaggy Dog... let's talk about the Shetland sweater.

The Shetland Islands are located in the northernmost tip of Scotland.

It is made up of 100 islands, of which only 16 are inhabited.

The Shetland Islands are characterized by complex geology, rugged coastlines, and generally low hills.

Strong sea breezes blow throughout the year, making it difficult for plants to grow, and there are no large trees in the landscape of green hills.

Shetland sheep, which are bred in a harsh natural environment in an almost wild-like manner and have ten times the population, are known to be the lightest and softest sheep in the UK.

It is said that knitting was introduced to the Shetland Islands in the latter half of the Middle Ages, brought by fishing boats and trading ships traveling across the Nordic seas. Since then, it has developed its own unique culture, and today, Shetland sweaters are loved all over the world.

In the Shetland Islands, this knit has been produced and used by the people of the Shetland Islands for over 500 years to protect their lives. SHAGGY DOG is one of them.

It is said that Irvin Press, the company's second president, named the sweater ``Shaggy Dog' ' , which is a sweater knitted from Shetland wool and fluffed with chisel seeds ( thistle). It is said that the name came from Irvin Press's pet dog, which looked exactly like it when it got wet in the rain.

This is now synonymous with shaggy dog ​​knits all over the world.

In the history of J.PRESS, shaggy dog ​​knits have been confirmed since the 1950s . It is, of course, made on the island of Shetland and featured in brochures throughout the year. Along with the Tilden sweater, it has been a standard sweater for traditional wear for at least half a century.

Celebrities who have worn it include John F. Kennedy, Kerry Grant, and George Bush, and it has been loved by Ivy Leaguers for many years.

The characteristic of J.PRESS ORIGINALS ' Shaggy Dock is that the raw materials and factories are inherited, and the knitting is done using Shetland type raw materials and a factory in Scotland.

Although Shetland has an image of being hard and difficult to wear, we finished it with a brushed thistle seed coat and applied a little more brushing to make it soft, easy to wear, and lightweight.

The colors are unified to give a melange appearance, and are selected by imagining how the multi-colored fibers will look intertwined when brushed.

Last year's set-in sleeves have been changed to saddle shoulders, and they hang from the sides to the hem, creating a rounded silhouette. Also, I made the hem rib slightly narrower so that it would hold firmly under the waist and create a pool. Compared to other companies, the sizing is a little larger in terms of shoulder width and body width so that you can relax and wear it like a sweatshirt.

Shaggy Dog Sweater (SLD) ¥27,000.-(+tax)

Shaggy Dog Sweater (BORDER) ¥33,000.-(+tax)


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