A blend of the highly rigid strong wool used in the ``Cuba Beach'' fabric from Nikke (Japanese Wool), one of Japan's leading clothing manufacturers.

A duffel coat with a unique texture that has just the right amount of bulge.

Due to its strength, it takes a huge amount of time to brush it, but by weaving it into a diagonal-patterned triple structure and brushing it, it has a soft texture, firmness, outstanding warmth, and an elegant look with a warm feel. It has been woven. The toggle clasp is made of elegant leather instead of linen, keeping in mind the Ivy Leaguer style of wearing it over a tied-up blazer.

J.PRESS ORIGINAL's DUFFELE COAT has been created, which takes full advantage of the quality of this classic item that is indispensable for the fall/winter season, and features a silhouette that sublimates the use of materials and details that give a glimpse of J.PRESS's unique design into a modern style. I did.