Hello. My name is Kurono and I am a buyer at J.PRESS&SON'S.

This time we will be introducing 3 types of polyester wool tropical blazers, trousers, and button-down shirts.

This material is tropical polyester wool. By the way, what is Toro? A woolen fabric woven with thin threads in a plain weave, characterized by its breathability and lightness, and made mainly for midsummer wear. This refers to a fabric that is characterized by a process called ``clear finishing,'' in which the surface fuzz is cut off, similar to when mowing a lawn.

I usually use 100% wool, but by adding polyester this time, I was able to make it more sturdy, and also give it a slightly tougher look. Clothing that has a very uniform feel makes me think of military uniforms and military, and it appeals to men's hearts. Best of all, this color is fresh. By using beige and gray, the blazer has a unique nuance that is not too American.

The design is

・Standard 3B blazer ・Baggy fit button-down shirt ・1-tuck tapered slacks

These slacks are a new model from J.PRESS. The waist area is loose with just one tuck, but by tapering it towards the hem, the pants go well with tops. Personally, I would call it a pre-slacks look due to the texture of the material and the details of the slash pocket, but the double stitching on the sides gives it a casual feel, making it an interesting pair of bottoms that can be worn both on and off. Ta.

Suggestions on how to wear it. . . That said, the pants have a sharper look, so of course they can be worn as a shirt style, but they can also be worn as a casual sweatshirt! Honestly, I think styling without it is ``fashionable''. Also, if you wear it with this button-down set, you can create a style with a contemporary feel.

The 3B blazer comes in gray and beige, so it would be more natural to match it with a contrasting color for the inner layer, but if you go for a monotone color, gray will look more mature, and beige will give you an olive bottom that comes from the military. At this time of year, you can create a nostalgic yet fresh style by pairing it with beautiful saxophone blue denim.

Button-downs also give a prettier look than the oxfords and broadclothes that we usually suggest, so I think it would be cool to wear them off with denim or something.

Please try by all means try.

T/W TROPICAL 3B BLAZER ¥64,900 (tax included)

T/W TROPICAL 1P TROUSERS ¥28,600 (tax included)

T/W TROPICAL BD BAGGY FIT ¥28,600(tax included)

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