Hello. My name is Kurono and I am a buyer at J.PRESS&SON'S.

This time we will introduce yonetomi NEW BAIC “WAVE COTTON KNIT P/O”.

This is a factory brand of Yonetomi Textile in Yamagata Prefecture. We also carry the brand COOHEM, but this label focuses on basic designs that can be worn by unisex people.

We previously introduced a knitted Basque shirt, but this one will take on a new form.

As for the thread and material, we use Yonetomi Seni's custom-made thread, which is made by twisting many ultra-fine cotton threads together into a strongly twisted wave shape. It is knitted with a medium gauge to achieve maximum stiffness. The material is dry to the touch, resistant to washing, and can be worn all year round. Also, since it is highly twisted and knitted tightly, it has the advantage of not shrinking even after washing.

Personally, what I like about this knit is that it looks like a cut-and-sew fabric, but since it's knit, it stretches a lot. What's more, it maintains the elegance of knitwear while being easy to care for like a long T-shirt. I think these are the two points.

The design is a very basic knit with a tight neck that doesn't look sloppy. The silhouette has a relaxed fit, so even if you wear it alone, it will give you a very mature impression.

This time, we have made a special order in three colors, and the American colors are yellow, saxophone, and green, which are inspired by Oxford tan-down shirts. The color is a little dull so that it is easy to wear for people who don't usually wear colored knits, so I asked for a fresh color that would be easy for anyone to try. There is also a white inline color, which we also have available.

This time, I bought a green one, and when I showed it to my wife, she usually says, "Lend it to me!" but she even said, "How much? Give it to me. I want it to be mine." (LOL) .
So I think this is a color that women can also wear!

Recommended size is M → 170-175cm. L → Is it for people who are 170 cm or more? If you want to wear something a little looser, we recommend size L!

Of course you can wear it alone, layer it with a shirt, or wear it as an inner layer.
Or, since the flesh is thin, the color will show through the blazer. Since it is a basic item, we hope that you can use it like a long T-shirt.

Recently, it was still cold on my way home from work, and when I looked inside the slightly crowded train, I saw that everyone was pitch black. Due to the coronavirus, I think the clothes I choose will also change depending on the mood of society. However, I hope that all of you who love clothes will actively incorporate color and make your daily life a little bit brighter.

Please consider it.


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