- Noble Ivy & The Genderless -

23SS - SEASON- Noble Ivy & The Genderless -High-mindedness of Ivy and traditional style.
Our traditional mindset is always included in our products, while changing the method.
In the 23SS season, the tones, materials and details associated with “Noble Ivy & The Genderless” would be harmonized in high quality.
The energetic and pop Madras would be a tricolor with red key color while having a blue gradation.
Using the Paisley for the classic products, and we challenge to approach with fascinating changes while maintaining oneself within the frame of Ivy and Trad.
A genderless collection has been completed which is in line with the diverse identities.

23SSシーズンでは、“Noble Ivy & The Genderless”から連想される、色調、マテリアル、ディテールを上質に調和させました。

J.PRESS Originals pursues beauty from the traditional Ivy League style, with the viewpoint of a modern perspective.
It is not about “classic” or “traditional”, it is the timeless look that can connect with the current styles.
J.PRESS ORIGINALS is designed and developed in multicultural and multinational Tokyo, conveying the future of Ivy League Style image from their own points of views.

常に文化や人種が交錯し、日々多くのスタイルが生まれるここ東京から ネクスト・トラッド、ネクスト・アイビーを発信します。