- Neatly -

The 24SS collection encompasses the mood of classic revival while expressing uniqueness in a richer way. It offers a subtle and tranquil dress style, effortlessly showcasing blazers, jackets, and slacks made from premium fabrics. We employ original exclusive materials and remain dedicated to high functionality and Japanese quality of the highest standard. Combining traditional products with modern loose patterns and functionality, we strive to provide comfortable attire that embodies the significance of wearing J.PRESS. We are committed to challenging the jacket and pants style that encapsulates the best everyday wear, made possible by J.PRESS. .

クラシック回帰のムードを内包し、独自性をより豊かに表現した24SSコレクション。 主張するものではなく、静謐なドレススタイルながら、ブレザー、ジャケット、スラックスを、上質な服地で軽快にアウトプット。 オリジナル・エクスクルーシブ素材を採用し、高機能、高品質のジャパニーズ・クオリティへの拘りも徹底しています。 伝統的なプロダクトに、現代的なルーズパターンと機能性をも兼ね備えた快適な着心地をプラス。 J.PRESSだからこそ纏う意義のある、最高な日常着を具現化したジャケパン・スタイルに挑戦しています。

2024 SS

- Philosophy -

The beauty of J.PRESS lies in its timeless qualities. Mixing traditional and Ivy League styles with contemporary inspirations. It's not just a mere rehash of classics but a style that resonates with the present. From Tokyo, where cultures and races intersect, we are proud to present the Next Trad and Next Ivy.