J.PRESS Originals pursues beauty from the traditional Ivy League style, with the viewpoint of a modern perspective.
It is not about “classic” or “traditional”, it is the timeless look that can connect with the current styles.
J.PRESS ORIGINALS is designed and developed in multicultural and multinational Tokyo, conveying the future of Ivy League Style image from their own points of views.

J.PRESSが持つ不変であるがゆえの美点。 トラッド、アイビーを軸に、時流のインスピレーションを混ぜ合わせる。
常に文化や人種が交錯し、日々多くのスタイルが生まれるここ東京から ネクスト・トラッド、ネクスト・アイビーを発信します。

- Noble Ivy & The Genderless -

High-mindedness of Ivy and traditional style.
Our traditional mindset is always included in our products, while changing the method.
In the 23SS season, the tones, materials and details associated with “Noble Ivy & The Genderless” would be harmonized in high quality.
The energetic and pop Madras would be a tricolor with red key color while having a blue gradation.
Using the Paisley for the classic products, and we challenge to approach with fascinating changes while maintaining oneself within the frame of Ivy and Trad.
A genderless collection has been completed which is in line with the diverse identities.

23SSシーズンでは、“Noble Ivy & The Genderless”から連想される、色調、マテリアル、ディテールを上質に調和させました。

KANEMASA is a brand established by Kanemasa Knitted Fabric Co.,Ltd. Which was founded in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture in 1964. In Wakayama where is one of the largest production of knitted fabric in Japan, they have been constantly studying a manufacturing for over 50 years. They have established the world’s leading knowledge and craftsmanship, combining the only development of knitwear and the expansion of production equipment, from high-quality raw materials to knitting, dyeing and products. They’re managing their original high-gauge knitting machine and jacquard machine that can freely express various pattern masterfully and pursuing to create high-quality, high-value-added products with excellent comfort and morphological stability.



“Comfort for the wearer” is the J.PRESS prime principle. This ethos has been adhered to since their foundation J.PRESS was established in 1902 by craftsman, Jacobi Press, in New Haven, America. High standards of tailoring, which complemented the complexities of the human body, enabled J.PRESS to become an established brand, known for its authentic TRAD style. Understandably, numerous stories remain with us about J.PRESS, being the style of choice for a number of world’s most distinguished individuals who colored our history. Trustworthy techniques have been passed on to successive generations of J.PRESS tailors, along with the continuing desire to adapt and evolve the style to meet the needs of the era.



In 1902, J.PRESS was founded by Jacobi Press right before he entered the eminent university in Connecticut, Yale university; and has developed a long career since then. The honorable brand turned 118 years old this year, and its heirloom of traditional American craftsmanship is being carried on. J.PRESS has established prolific designs over decades extending from its original archive and bringing the Ivy-League and American-Trad style up to date.