J.PRESS BOY'S Collection

世界的に注目を浴びるイラストレーター、アーロン・チャン(Aaron Chang)。

アーロン氏のグラフィックの中でも印象強いIVY BOY'S。今シーズンはこのイメージでJ.PRESS BOY'Sと題しグラフィックを依頼。それぞれのスタイルには繊細にアイビールックが描かれており、親近感と親和性を感じる内容でアーロン氏の特徴が表現されています。


〈J.PRESS BOY'S〉と題された本コレクションの為に描き下ろされたイラストは、J.PRESSのアイコンでもある紺ブレを纏った青年と、アイコンキャラクターのブルドッグが描かれており、世界観とルーツへのこだわりも抜かりないコラボレーションとなっています。


〈J.PRESS BOY'S〉を手に取って、纏って感じられるアイビー・ルックのカルチャーは、心をつかんで離さない、どこか懐かしい魅力があるはずです。

Renowned illustrator Aaron Chang has garnered global attention, with one of his standout graphics being the impactful "IVY BOY'S." This season, the graphic titled "J.PRESS BOY’S" was commissioned based on this distinctive image. Delicately portraying the Ivy League look in each style, the illustrations exude Aaron's characteristic expression, evoking a sense of familiarity and affinity.

Introducing a collection that seamlessly merges the Ivy League-inspired characters with J.PRESS's collegiate items, the "J.PRESS BOY’S" collection is set to be released.

Specially crafted for this collection, the illustrations under the title "J.PRESS BOY’S" feature a young man adorned in J.PRESS's iconic navy blazer, an emblematic figure, along with the iconic Bulldog character. The collaboration underscores a dedication to both the brand's worldview and roots.

The collection includes a variety of items such as varsity jackets, sweatshirts, T-shirts, BD shirts, caps, ties, and tote bags, offered in a rich array of color variations.

By holding and wearing the "J.PRESS BOY’S" collection, one can experience the Ivy League look culture that not only captivates the heart but also exudes a nostalgic charm.

Aaron Chang


2015年から、New Balance Koreaで広告デザイナー、2023年初旬まで広告&オンラインチームの責任者およびビジュアルディレクターとして活動。

The career as a commercial graphic designer started in 2012.
From 2015, worked as an advertising designer at New Balance Korea and, until early 2023, served as the head of the advertising and online team, as well as the visual director.
Since 2020, has been concurrently engaged in illustration work, collaborating with numerous brands.
Currently active as an illustrator.


New Balance(韓国&UK)、Forbes magazine(スペイン)、Baracuta(イタリア)、AnIVY(デンマーク)、Grocery(香港)、Percival(UK)、Paynter(UK)、Burrows & Hare(UK)、Clarks(US)など。

Engaged in collaborations with various brands, including New Balance (Korea & UK), Forbes magazine (Spain), Baracuta (Italy), AnIVY (Denmark), Grocery (Hong Kong), Percival (UK), Paynter (UK), Burrows & Hare (UK), Clarks (US), and more.



I mainly create fashion illustrations based on Ivy style. I consider J.PRESS to be the roots of Ivy fashion.
In recent years, J.PRESS (Japan) has inherited the longstanding tradition of Ivy fashion while adapting it to contemporary trends, creating a new cultural expression.
Through various endeavors such as digital drawing, NFTs, and art toys, I strive to uphold the rich tradition of Ivy fashion illustration, aligning it with the trends and culture of the present day.
In that regard, I believe this collaboration holds significant meaning.