この日も多くの人がアイウェアを手にしていた。メガネ、サングラスを中心に取り扱うセレクトショップであり、その他にも一部アパレルアイテムも置かれている。落ち着いた照明が灯るサロン的な空間だ。この日撮影したのは本店の隣に佇むContinuer Extra Space。

イベントスペース兼ショップとしてアイウェアの他、腕時計も並べられている。ここでショップスタッフと会話を楽しむこともできる、よりパーソナルなスペースだ。今回出演してもらうのはPRの根本茂行さん。まずはお店について教えてもらう。「私たちはアイウェアをコミュニケーションツールとしても捉えていて、同じような趣味やカルチャー感を持った人がお店に集まり、何か面白いことを発信していこうという発想があります。アイウェアを中心にアパレルや音楽など、その周辺カルチャーを表現していきたいという考えが根底にあるんですよ。Continuer Extra Spaceには腕時計も置いていますが、そもそもメガネと腕時計というと親和性もいですからね。日本特有である兼業店のスタイルを東京でモダンなスタイルでやろうという話をもとに、2 年前にスタートしたんですよ。専門的な分野に特化したトラッドなムードがありつつも新たな価値観も提案できるような。そんな実験的なスペースでもあるんです」。


横須賀出身という根本さんはファッションのベースとなる考え方にアメカジの文化がある。その精神性がJプレスのプロダクトとマッチしたのだ。Continuer is located in Ebisu Minami. On this day many people were buying eyewear. It is a multi-brand shop dealing mainly with glasses and sunglasses, and some other apparel items are also available there. It is a salon-like space with relaxing lighting. On this day I did the shooting at Continuer Extra Space which is next to the main store. It serves as both an event space and shop, and watches are also sold here along with eyewear. The space offers more of a personal feel where you can enjoy talking with shop staff. This time the person responsible for PR, Shigeyuki Nemoto, will be appearing in the interview. First,
we will have him tell us about the shop. "We think of eyewear as a communication tool and have the idea that people with similar hobbies and feelings about culture will gather at the store and convey something interesting.
The store is based on the idea that we want to express the culture surrounding mainly eyewear but also apparel and music. Watches are also on display in Continuer Extra Space, but they already had an affinity with eyeglasses in the first place. The store started business two years ago based on conversations about having a modern style store in Tokyo in the unique Japanese style of a side business. It has become a specialist store that continues the Trad mood but also can propose new values. It is an experimental space.” Mr. Nemoto’s
styling was incorporated into the J.PRESS set up for this shooting. "I am not from a generation that experienced Trad fashion in real time, so it's important for me to know how to dress down. I think a lot of thought has to go into it. Seeing as the pants give a slim silhouette in this setup, conversely I decided to give expression to the silhouette by putting it together with voluminous sneakers." Mr. Nemoto is from Yokosuka and has American casual culture as the basis of fashion in his way of thinking. This psychology is a good match for
Continuer Extra Space
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