自由意志が広まり、ミックスカルチャーが加速し始めたその時代のエッセンスをデザインにさりげなく取り入れ、PHINGERINらしいニッチなディテールも盛り込んでいます。当時のモッズルックのサスペンダーを意識したショルダーストラップ、極度なボックスシルエット、共生地のくるみボタン。加えてJ.PRESS ORIGINALSらしい3つボタン段返り、センターフックベントなどの正統派なディテールも踏襲しています。各々のスタイルで、自由解釈で着こなしを楽しんでほしいブレザーです。

A new masterpiece blazer will be unveiled at the 20SS, a mix of traditional and street essence. The design inspiration for this product is tied to Britain in the early 1970s. With the decline of the movement at the time, "Swede Heads" derived from Skins with anti-social ideas emerge. Suede Heads was named after its slightly longer hair than skin heads, and because the texture of the hair looked like leather suede. They pursue fashion and music with free interpretation rather than political ideology. In the late 70's, ska, rock and punk began to fuse, and bands of various races appeared one after another. Free will spread, and the essence of that era, when mixed culture began to accelerate, was casually incorporated into the design, and it also contained niche details typical of PHINGERIN. Shoulder straps with a mods look suspender consciousness, extreme box silhouette, and co-fabric walnut buttons. In addition, it follows the orthodox details such as the three button steps that are typical of J.PRESS ORIGINALS and the center hook vent. It is a blazer that you want to enjoy wearing freely in each style.