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My name is Kurono and I am a buyer at J.PRESS & SON'S AOYAMA .
We will introduce the 1st anniversary commemorative items in series.
First of all, we will be doing a customization project with " cottonpan "!
So let me introduce a little brand.

The brand started in September 2018 . The concept is something that both the designer and director like. Through Watanabe Hikari's paintings, we want to convey the things we don't want to forget, such as our favorite movies and music, as things that should be left behind. The charming and loose illustrations reflect the culture that should be preserved.
In other words, ``wear culture''!
This is the essence of `` cottonpan ,'' and it is a message from these two filled with love and passion for culture that they want to pass on to future generations.

It all started when I came across cottonpan 's work at an exhibition and fell in love with it. Tote bags were associated with summer, but I still vividly remember seeing a senior colleague using them as a staple bag, even in winter, and thinking, ``That's traditional. So cool.'' With this in mind, we have planned a customization that you will love all year round. I simply asked them to freely draw a motif that evokes J.PRESS or the USA on bags and shirts. Boldly painted with a unique touch. Also worth noting is the attention to detail that is drawn on both sides of the bag and on the front and back of the shirt. it's the best! These tote bags and shirts can be painted not only by those who have purchased them, but also by those who already own them, so please feel free to drop by.

Order period: October 23rd (Friday) ~ Scheduled for early November
( Original painting will take about a month. )
TOTE BAG ( body ) ¥ 16,000.-( +tax)
Bag processing fee ¥ 6,000.-( +tax)
Shirt processing fee ¥ 6,000.-( +tax)
*Please contact STAFF for details.



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