This is an art photo brand started in partnership with INTERNATIONAL IMAGES, a Los Angeles company that has a collection of art works and negative film by world-renowned photographers.

The company has exhibited numerous works of art at its own gallery called ``GLOBAL IMAGES USA'' in ``W HOTEL HOLLYWOOD'' in Hollywood, which is part of the ``W HOTEL'' group of world-famous designer hotels mainly operating in the United States. has continued to fascinate visitors.

We are developing art T-shirts with a photo of world-famous fashion photographer Helmut Newton printed on the body, and although it is a monochrome print, by using 4th edition, the texture of Newton's negative film is more faithfully reproduced. Reproduction. The quality of the work is comparable to that of artwork displayed in galleries. We propose a new concept of ``wearable art T-shirts,'' art that can be worn.

The original negative print was made at a factory in Kyoto, and the printing was done at one of Japan's top factories in Gifu Prefecture. The four edition silkscreens are hand-printed by skilled craftsmen, faithfully reproducing the texture of the original work. The ink used this time is a special combination of water-based and oil-based inks, and is characterized by the color and composition of the ink being slightly different for each piece of art. The body is made of 40 count double thread, resulting in a very smooth and high quality body.


David Bowie Jail Cell

The year is 1983. It was used in US Vogue the same year. Bowie and Newton respected each other as "creative geniuses" and became personal friends. In addition, Bowie became a collector of Helmut's works.

<About Helmut Newton>

Born in Berlin in 1920. He fled Jewish persecution and gained citizenship in Australia. He first rose to prominence by working for the Australian version of Vogue, and moved to Paris in 1962. His talent was highly praised by French Vogue. After that, she demonstrated her ability in various fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle, as well as men's magazines such as Playboy, and received praise for her European decadent beauty. In addition, Newton's photographs, which were inspired by movies and TV dramas from an early stage, gradually developed a strong sense of originality with his depictions of the European upper classes and social circles, and his depictions of sexual decadence and fetishism. Although his images, which are sometimes associated with sadomasochism and exhibitionism, were said to border on the verge of pornography, his technique and strategy are outstanding, and he has been photographed through masterpiece photo books such as ``White Women'' in 1976 and the ``Big Nudes'' series in the 1980s. , cemented his reputation as an artist.

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