Hello. My name is Kurono and I am a buyer at J.PRESS&SON'S.

This time we will be introducing the J.PRESS standard Ventile(R) Balmachan coat and golf jacket.

First, let's explain the material. This is a gabardine weave, but the Ventile(R) used for spring and summer is a light weather cloth with a slight brushed finish, giving it a unique texture. Gabardine is a twill fabric that is woven closely and tightly, and its main characteristic is that the twill grains appear at steep angles. ("Twill" refers to the diagonal lines that appear on the fabric when making twill fabrics) The surface is smooth and has a glossy and firm feel.

Apparently it was originally developed for military use and was often used as fabric for military coats. Nowadays, it is attracting attention not only as a fashionable fabric but also as a lightweight fabric with excellent water resistance. Generally, most items are densely woven with a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, but since J.PRESS is Ventile, it is of course 100% cotton!

The biggest feature is waterproofness. As the English word "weather" means, the name comes from the meaning of "sunny or rainy." The J.PRESS oval logo is boldly printed on the beige back side. Although it is a classic standard material, we have devised a way to enjoy it visually. In addition, we have prepared a red color that feels "very American".

The design of the coat is the relaxed fit Balmachan coat, which we continue to develop. It inherits J.PRESS's classic details, such as a small collar that is well-balanced against the loose body width, one-piece sleeves, and a long length...I personally like the classic balance. I am.

There is no need to explain how to wear a coat.
However, I think it would be more comfortable to wear items like this that can be considered classic, such as with sweat pants (IVY HEYDAY) or a more casual look. Also, I tried layering the vest. Of course, I absolutely love wearing hoodie sweatshirts. Honestly, I don't think I'll be able to get rid of this coat because it's easier to wear than the standard gabardine coat.

Next is the blouson! This is a short blouson, but by making the body and sleeves a little wider, it has a modern feel. A golf jacket can make you look very old-fashioned. Right now, I don't feel like wearing an item unless it suits my mood. Due to the feel of the Ventile material, it feels refreshing to incorporate it into this silhouette while maintaining an atmosphere that is not too casual. Street culture was popular in the 90s, and even Ralph Lauren was creating items with slightly larger silhouettes. However, Ralph's material is a little more casual, but the one we are proposing this time is a little more elegant. I think it's great that such orthodox people create perspectives that have never been seen before.

The recommended way to wear a blouson is to layer it with a shirt, knit, or tie at this time of year. However, if I am going to wear a tie, I purposely remove the first button or collar of the shirt and wrap it loosely... I think it would be nice to wear it a little looser. I also think it would be cool to wear it with a loose, casual hoodie. I like the very American feel of pairing red with denim, and I hope everyone will try that combination.

Please try it on.

VENTILE (R) BALMACAAN COAT ¥64,900 (tax included)

VENTILE (R) GOLF JACKET ¥47,300 (tax included)

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