The other day, when spring first arrived, colorful accessories arrived.

<TAMANIWA STORE> Items that tickle the man's heart.
POTEN Japanese Made Baseball Cap.
ROSTER SOX's first army SOX.
Yoi Yoi Bag is a familiar item at TAMANIWA.
I will introduce them one by one.

First, let's start with the new "POTEN" color, which has become a standard at J.PRESS&SON'S AOYAMA.


Some of you may have noticed this color scheme.
Yes, it is based on the team colors of major MLB teams.

The fabric is made of cotton nylon, and has a sun-dried texture.
The mischievous balance when paired with a blazer is irresistible.
If you look at it, you will be impressed by the color scheme.
POTEN, PTN - 2203 CN SUNNY ¥8,140 (tax included)

And another type.


The fabric here is also cotton nylon. Made of 70% cotton, it has a matte and wrinkled texture.

Because of its simple shape, the playful nature of the fabric shines through.
The inside is also made of the same fabric as the body. A design that goes well with both casual and sporty styles. Pastel colors are also trending this year.
POTEN, PTN - 2207 RUDEBACK ¥7,700 (tax included)

A seriously made baseball cap. I'm an adult.

Next is the introduction of YOI YOI BAG.
When I came in, I thought. YOI YOI?
This seems to be pronounced as "drunk".

No baggage when drunk! This happens to me quite often, but this bag has a rubber handle so it won't fall off when you put it on your wrist.
The theme is to carry only the minimum necessary baggage with you.

In fact, this bag looks small but is great because it can hold three 500ml plastic bottles.

The material is polyethylene. It's lightweight and can be used without worrying about rainy days.

I can feel the TAMANIWA style in the MLB team logo.
How about wearing a blazer over slacks, slipping your feet into leather shoes, and heading out with a playful YYB?
MLB - MLB YYB (YOI YOI BAG) ¥3,300 (tax included)

Finally <ROSTER SOX>

"ROSTER" is a baseball term meaning "first team registration." This is a sock brand that aims to be the "first class" in the SOX world.

A design with college initials running from the heel to the calf.
The color scheme and design are second to none. No more words needed.

Neon socks with a neon feel.
Neon socks are often used. I used to collect them by color, but I thought I'd play with texture...
I feel a vague contrast between the colors and materials.

The last one is the MLB series.
Team logos on the front and back, around the ankle. It is in a position where it can be seen and hidden from the hem of the pants. The ribs are just the right amount of tightness and are extremely comfortable to wear.

100% pure playfulness. No matter how expensive the clothes you wear, your childish spirit will never change, hidden beneath your feet.
Please select this at the store.

POTEN, PTN - 2203 CN SUNNY ¥8,140 (tax included)
POTEN, PTN - 2207 RUDEBACK ¥7,700 (tax included)
MLB - MLB YYB (YOI YOI BAG) ¥3,300 (tax included)

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