Hello. This is Matsumoto from STAFF.

The weather continues to be unstable,
I can feel the change of seasons.
Even though it already feels like spring, there are many people who find it too cold to style their clothes.
How about a light change of clothes starting from your feet?

NOVESTA's representative model, STAR MASTER CLASSIC, is now available in new colors.
NOVESTA, STAR MASTER CLASSIC ¥10,175 (tax included)

NOVESTA is a footwear brand founded in 1939.
A traditional brand that was quietly born in the historic industrial area of ​​BATA Industrial Park in the small town of Partizanske in the former Czechoslovakia, and continues to consistently produce footwear made in Slovakia.
The shoe factory, which specializes in rubber and canvas products, is also famous for manufacturing training shoes for the military during World War II and the post-war Cold War.

STAR MASTER is based on the "mold used for military/work applications" that has remained since the founding of the factory where NOVESTA was born.

Its distinctive feature is its manufacturing method. Adopts vulcanized manufacturing method.
The vulcanized manufacturing method is called the ``vulcanization kettle manufacturing method'' in Japan.
Hints in kanji.
This manufacturing method involves molding the upper and sole from unhardened raw rubber, applying high-temperature pressure in a special pot, and reacting with a vulcanizing agent such as sulfur to harden and compress the rubber. .
Shoes produced using this manufacturing method have supple and soft soles, are durable and hard to break, and maintain a beautiful silhouette.

I have listed some difficult words, but it is durable. And supple.
It may be difficult to understand at first glance, but it is a manufacturing method that is filled with highly skilled techniques.

STAR MASTER CLASSIC has excellent flexibility and durability, but one of its attractive features is its affordable price of ¥10,175 (tax included).

The colors are BLACK, GRAY, YELLOW, and GREEN.
Playing with socks is so much fun.
We have a variety of colors available for everyone to enjoy.

Please try to find your "color".

NOVESTA, STAR MASTER CLASSIC ¥10,175 (tax included)

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